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    Trying to find a batch file that can…


    by zoediak1 ·

    (I posted again since I received an error the first time if a copy I appologise)

    …do two things:
    One- auto logon to my mapped network drive on server after bootup

    Two- after logon to mapped drive auto start my main workstation program.

    is this even possible with a batch file or do I have to try looking for something else?

    Server is windows server 2003
    workstations are all win xp pro

    Thanks for any help that you can offer

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      try “net use”

      by whalescwh ·

      In reply to Trying to find a batch file that can…

      1. put into your autoexec.bat this:
      net use f: \\servername\sharefolder\ pwd /user:uname
      where pwd is password and uname is username

      2. call you program to run:

      is that what you want?

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        thank you..

        by zoediak1 ·

        In reply to try “net use”

        thank you for your prompt reply, I guess I was just over thinking it and it looks rather simple.

        that looks like what I am trying to get it to do thanks…
        I will give it a try and see how it works.

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      batch files

      by mayuresh.annegiri ·

      In reply to Trying to find a batch file that can…

      1)For mapping a common group drive for particular department:
      net use G: \\server_name\folder_name >NUL:
      2)For mapping a home drive which will be confidential for user:
      net use H: \\server_name\folder_name% >NUL:

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