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Trying to get connection in the company ......

By jabney ·
Hello Tech Republic
I post a question that maybe you can help me with. I have posted something similar but it was more of a general question, I have something more specific Where I am currently working they have job posting and I know that I don?t have the experience that is needed to really complete the job . May have knowledge of what has to be done but not enough to jump in the position and be an effective player. I want to let them know about me and my skills and maybe consider me at a later time. How should I go about trying to my name in the IT Department? Any suggestions?

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Get friendly...

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Trying to get connection ...

There are two groups of people you need to get friendly with: the boss you'd be working for along with the people you'd be working with and HR. Let everyone know that you really want to make the lateral move and that you are really psyched about it. Enthusiasm goes a long way, normally.

An avid gamer, I noticed a position a while back at a CNET sister company, GameSpot. Working somehow in the gaming industry is a bit of a dream job for me, so I contacted our HR director and she put me in contact with GameSpot's HR contact. TR's HR director even helped me sharpen my resume. Unfortunately the position was filled before I really had a chance to get my foot in the door. The point is that I was really impressed by the positive energy I was feeling from everyone about the move.

I wish you the best of luck!

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by jabney In reply to Get friendly...

I tried that for one position and I was told that it was in the bag and then they turned around and gave it to someone else. That occasionally would call me when they had a problem and I would ?bust their chops? by telling them if I was in their department that they wouldn?t have that problem. I will keep that in mind ? I never thought to get in good with the HR rep. but it makes se

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Happened to me too...

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Thanks?.

And just like you, I have been told I was a "shoe-in" for a position that was soon offered to someone else. It's happened on a couple of occassions -- yesterday, in fact

Keep your chin up and stay on them (HR and the group). Your enthusiasm and resolve will eventually get people noticing you.

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A different approach all together....

by xmlmagician In reply to Happened to me too...

I would say that the previous approaches to how to get promoted are good and right in an ideal world...BUT as most of us know it does not work like is about who you know which means that some dine and wine (like a girlfriend) is required :-)...If you feel confident with your skills you should move on...that is what i did when i was passed for i have a better job...a better boss...and i am happier...anyway best of luck.

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show and tell

by jdelossantos1 In reply to A different approach all ...

If you really enjoy your job and your company and have no plans in leaving; Show your bosses you have the capabilities of performing the job. For example, a problem ocurrs in which an immediate solution is needed. Take action and solve the problem. Show them you can perform. Some employees are reactive to problems; be proactive. If you see a situation that is going to cause a problem in the long run, step up and find the solution. Make yourself known.

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Ask your boss to be your advocate

by knudsenmj In reply to show and tell

I absolutely agree with the advice of getting your name known in the circles you'll be applying for. I would also suggest speaking with your boss and and letting them know these are your career aspirations. He/She may be able to put the right bug in the right ear when the opportunity presents itself. Additionally, if you can I would suggest getting involved with professional organizations related to the position you're trying to break into.

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by glenn.hasteadt@highpntnc In reply to Thanks?.

I wouldn't bust any more chops if you want to make the move in the future. Nobody want's to work with someone that will point out their mistakes. Instead I would help out when needed and try to get additional responsibilities without a promotion, for the time being. Not only will it boost your knowledge and reputation as a 'go-getter' but when the next position becomes available they won't have any choice but to promote. But being a good and pleasant co-worker is paramount to that success.

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By all means...

by GaijinIT In reply to Get friendly...

That's right, just kiss some butt and you can get what
you want. Then when they find out you aren't qualified
for the position, you will be in deep s*it, and nobody will
ever listen to you again in that company.

If you're not qualified for a position, then don't apply for
it. You wil only waste everyone's time and leave
yourself wide open for the repercussions.

There are a lot of peole who DO get ahead by
"networking" instead of being prepared, but they have
llittle or no respect from their co-workers, and only can
get over if their management is totally unaware of what
is going on. The first time a manager or team leader
gives them a job their job description ways they should
be able to do and they can't, they're busted.

If you know what you are doing, no one can mess with
you, and success will come in time. If kissing butt is
your way of geting what you want, then by all means,
go for it. But forget personal pride. You still have to look
at yourself in the morning mirror, and the truth is, you
are what you do. If it doesn't bother you, what does that
say about you?

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I agree..and...

by ChrisG In reply to Get friendly...

I agree that a freindly demenor is important. An overall positive/consistent demenor will go a long way, especially when coupled with competence in the position you currently hold. A personal experience...I am an IT Assistant in a small to medium company. A recent company reorganization created a second Cust. Svc supervisor position for in house sales. Of course it is sort of a leap from IT to CS, but I took the opportunity to apply for the position just to see what I would need to work on to take that next step up. The part that is telling here is that I actually had positive feedback from the CS Reps that would have been under me if I was chosen for the position...due to my demenor. At the end, I was not chosen for the position...not a big deal, but I did learn a few things about the process. One other important thing to note. I also think it is very important to keep your current supervisor in the loop. In my case, due to vacation times, I was not able to inform my supervisor of my intent to apply for the other position until a day before I interviewed for it. This may or may not have had anything to do with the response I received from my supervisor, but, I was made to feel that my job was on the line, and I was not really needed anymore. Maybe his immaturity caused him to be offended in some way? Knowing how to approach your own supervisor might help here, but I still feel that communication of your intentions is very important.

Good luck.

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Friendly works

by Tazroth In reply to Get friendly...

I would agree with Brinley. If you are not qualified, work with your HR rep using this job as a goal to achieve. That will help them with designing a specific action plan to get you there. Also speaking with the hiring manager will help as well. Again, explaining that you didn't apply because you felt you were not fully qualified, but that you are interested in his advice on what you can do to gain the necessary skills/experience.

If nothing else, you get positive face time. Plus you never know. Perhaps no one qualified applies and the manager may want to underfill the position. He may choose someone who is willing to admit their limitations than an unknown quantity.

Good Luck.

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