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To organise my information, or more precisely the info I am interested in, I now use a) the file system, b) MS-Outlook and c) The 'Bookmark' library of Firefox.
This, I feel, is a very primitive and unsatisfactory way. I am looking for something better, but to my frustration I can't really find the info I'm looking for. Maybe someone here can help?
I should maybe explain that I am not looking for a Personal Information Manager that is all about contacts, meetings, schedules etc; that's the bit I have no trouble with.
I have trouble with documents, both on my own computer (or OneDrive) and on the web. The file system gives me just one way to organise them and that's far too little.
I'd like to have, I think:
- various ways to organise them in a tree;
- tags for searching;
- the option to add a title and a note;
- the option to add 'see also' links to other documents and to passages within documents.
With the exception of the last point (passages within documents) this seems like what a 'wiki' does, so at one point I thought that a 'Personal Wiki' like TiddlyWiki would do the job but the documentation of this highly customisable program is abominable and its use for my purposes seems impossibly convoluted. (E.g.: I couldn't find a button to insert a link to a file or webpage.)

I'm amazed since what I am initially asking for doesn't really seem that complicated; so it's probable I simply didn't know where to look and what keywords to use. I'd be grateful for any guidance.
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