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Trying to get PC working with new motherboard

By limeylassen ·
Tags: Windows, Hardware
This is a Windows 10, HP Pavilion desktop. I replaced the motherboard because I suspected it was damaged.

My old motherboard was an HP Infineon-B 696233-001.
New model is AS IS HP P6 P7 Series Socket 1155 Desktop Motherboard 696233-001. I'm not sure if that's the same, but all the pins were compatible.

On boot, I can hear the hard drive working, no beeping, but there's no DVI signal. I tried with different monitor and monitor cables. I tried with and without a graphics card, and I swapped out the ram sticks. The machine stays on, but I can't tell if it has actually booted the OS or not. The hard drive works fine with another machine.

What should I check next?
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Trying to get PC working ...

We don't need the HDD to get a video signal.
We don't need the case either.
I'd look for other than DVI output.
Are both the ATX12V and motherboard 20 pin power connected?

The replacement board was AS-IS so all bets are off that it's any good.

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by limeylassen In reply to Remember.

The power supply is fine, the fans are running and the video card lights up. This board doesn't have a VGA port.

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This doesn't address much.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to motherboard2

My advice is summed up by "Make it smaller."

The fans can run, the lights can come up and yet the ATX12V is unplugged.

Why is the VGA port an issue?

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