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Trying to get understanding

By jabney ·
I am trying to figure my career path and I need some understanding on what is needed and what a Network Administrator. I have some understanding as what one may do but I would like to hear it first hand. I would like to know what certs. I would need to get etc.
I am coming from the business side but my hea

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It would depend

by Oz_Media In reply to Trying to get understandi ...

It depends on what area of network admin you wish to enter.

Here's what I see in my area (Western Canada).

MCSE- Microsoft techs are a dime a dozen and are willing to work for next to nothing ion order to find jobs. Many shops here are desperately seeking ways to eliminqte MS from their environments all together.

CNA- Novell (especialy since its Linux partnership) has remained as the most secure and stable NOS's around, people are starting to understand that the Novell investment is lower, less hardware is needed, it is FAR more resourceful than MS ad there is still great demand for Novell techs that pay large hourly rates (I currently bill between $125.00 and $150.00hr as an MCNE)
Linux, well Linux has always been Europes favorite and is quickly showing itself to be a viable alternative to a Windoze desktop. People are starting to realize that Linux is just as easy for office staff to understand as Windows, is cheaper, more resourceful, secure and doesn't crash as much and waste employee time as Microsoft desktops do.

Linux techs are in demand also and earn a high salary due to the NEED for good Linux techs in todays market.

Personally, I think that while MS if the most popular cert, it is quickly turnign into a waste of paper as everyone has a MS cert of some kind and the software just isn't providing companies with security and stability.

novell is coming back to be a very strong player in the market, with Netware 7 and Novell Linux offerings that equal Windows in ease of use (at the desktop level) while providing better return on investment, initial cost and value for money in a secure package.

Linux, well that goes without sayin gthat it is stable and secure, but they have gained a lot by Ximian teamin gup with Novell to build a more secure and robust yet resourceful NOS than MS.

My choices? Wel I am an MCNE so my bias and personal experience show me that I chose the right path. As far as money is concerned, Novell pays more, and costs companies less, a great sell.

Novell outperforms others so you are like a maytag man, onstaff but but hardly working.

Best of luck with whatever path you choose!


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