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Trying to install rc.firewall

By Uveses ·
Helle.. I am trying to install a firewall (rc.firewall) on a redHat linux 9 system. when I am running the firewall script it is aborting the process with the error 'IPtable v1.2 required or Kernel not configured for IPtables. Aborting! Get TPtables 1.2 OR ad linux Kernel 2.4.x'..

I am currently running kernel 2.4.20-8. I downloaded kernel 2.4.28 but I am not sure how to replace the existing kernel (I'm pretty new to Linux).. Is there any link to the instructions or another firewall that anyone can suggest?..


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by desmack In reply to Trying to install ...

Did you compile the latest version of iptables from binaries? make, make install etc.

I think the latest version is 1.2.11?? Not much difference from 1.2.10

from the "install" file....


0) There may be some outstanding bugfixes or tweaks which are not yet
in the official kernel. Those are now (as of iptables-1.2.7) kept
in a separate package, called patch-o-matic. It is available from

1) Next, make the package.
% make KERNEL_DIR=<<where-you-built-your-kernel>>

2) Finally, you need to install the shared libraries, and the binary:
# make install KERNEL_DIR=<<where-you-built-your-kernel>>

If you are a developer, you can install the headers, development libraries
and associated development man pages, with:
# make install-devel

That's it!

1) This package requires a 2.4.4 kernel, or above.

2) If you get the kernel directory wrong, you may see a message like:
Please try `make KERNEL_DIR=path-to-correct-kernel'

3) If you want to specify alternate directories for installation
(instead of /usr/local/ bin lib man), do this:

% make BINDIR=/usr/bin LIBDIR=/usr/lib MANDIR=/usr/man
# make BINDIR=/usr/bin LIBDIR=/usr/lib MANDIR=/usr/man install

4) If you want to build a statically linked version of the iptables binary,
without the need for loading the plugins at runtime (e.g. for an embedded
device or router-on-a-disk), please use



Compiling from binaries should give the info you need to address any issues you have "running" rc.firewall. If you feel the need to update your kernel, then go to

you will defiantly need to compile form binaries if you upgrade your kernel.


Lindsay Rex

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by Jaqui In reply to Trying to install ...

what version of iptables is installed?
the error also says that the kernel isn't supporting iptables, so verify that it's installed and active also

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by xdark1 In reply to Trying to install ...

you can use firestarter is easy to configure, works well on redhat9, fedora core1, and do almost all from the gui.
you can check the repository for the package for your distribution rh9

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by deyev In reply to Trying to install ...

You need find out what kind of firewall support your kernel. There are three

1. ipfadm
2. ipchain
3. iptables
Be careful! ONLLY ONE of them can run on system.
Every firewall has own syntax rule.

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