Trying to install video card radeon 7000 64mb to compaq presario

By yoshi.andersen ·
Okay guys I am way stumped!! Ive been trying for 3 hrs now to get this new video card to work and it just wont.. Its a PCI video card Radeon 7000 64mb. I went in and turned off the on-board graphics card and installed the new video card and now it wont work! I dont know what to do, please help guys!! thank you!!

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Ok lets see

by JamesRL In reply to Trying to install video c ...

First of all, is it in the PCI slot closest to the CPU? Thats generally considered to be slot 1 and if the onboard is disabled thats where the system looks first for video.

Second are you getting any signal - do you see the POST or prompt for BIOS changes before it boots the OS? If you see the POST but it fails the OS boot, have you tried safe mode?

When you say you turned off the onboard graphics card, was it a switch in the BIOS or a jumper on the MB or both?

Have you tried plugging the monitor back in the on board connector to see whether the change "took"?

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okay this is what I did!

by yoshi.andersen In reply to Ok lets see

Okay first, I uninstalled it form my device manager through my OS. I tried plugin it back into the orignal on board conector but nothing. I installed it on the PCI which is the third one down cause I have a wireless adapter card in the first slot and a modem in the second. And no, nothing shows up on the monitor it wont even click on. It is pluged in!! Could it be a problem with the power supply? I just notice that its under 200mhz. Should I go out and buy a 450mhz?

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Get the manual for your motherboard

by JamesRL In reply to okay this is what I did!

It should tell you what to do to disable the onboard and enable a video card.

There may be a bios change required.
There may be a jumper on the motherboard.

And I can tell you that if you have done all that, you still want to put the video card in the first PCI slot. Take the other cards out, they don't care which slot they are in. The video card does.

Does your motherboard have a dedicated video slot like AGP or PCI express? If thats the case it may be more complicated to put a PCI card in as its looking for a card in that dedicated slot.

Its likely nothing to do with your power supply , as an older card like the Radeon 7000 is not a big draw.


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NO AGP or PCI e!!

by yoshi.andersen In reply to Get the manual for your m ...

I have neither of those and I have installed it in every PCI slot and it hasnt worked on any of them. Ive gone into bios and turned of on-board vga and enabled the PCI vga but still nothing. I installed a new power source and more ram. Nothing!!

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Do you have

by JamesRL In reply to NO AGP or PCI e!!

another PCI card or another computer you can plug this PCI card in?

Shouldn't have anything to do with the RAM. Its pretty unlikely that if you weren't having PS issues before that its the PS. Like I said, that card isn't a big drain on power.

So it sounds like its down to the card. If you went into the bios was it from the video on the card or the onboard?


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by yoshi.andersen In reply to Do you have

I went into the bios on the on board video, I am really startin to think that the card just dosnt work.

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That would be my thought

by JamesRL In reply to ON BOARD VIDEO

Was it recently taken out of another box where it was working?

I hope you didn't pay good money for it, you can get a new PCI card for under $50, or shop eBay.


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you have to

by Jesus_C In reply to Trying to install video c ...

disable the onboard in the bios.I had the same problem

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by yoshi.andersen In reply to you have to

I have already done that and still it wont work. I have installed the drivers and it recognizes it in the bios and on the operating system but it wont register with my monitor. No picture, and there is no jumper on my mother board for the on-board video just the audio.

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by santanent In reply to Trying to install video c ...

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