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Trying to link two subnets together with a Linksys router

By ryan ·
I have 2 networks at different sites that I am trying to link together. They have a fiber linke between the 2 sites, so we want to use that instead of going over the slower internet connection.

One subnet is 10.1.1.x and the other is 192.168.1.x.

I have 3 routers. One acting as the Default Gateway for the 192 subnet and the other acting as Gateway for the 10 subnet. The 3rd router, a Linksys RVS4000 will be connected in between the other two routers to statically route the traffic from one network to the other Gateway.

Now I should be able to set up the Linksys router to have one IP on the LAN and another IP on the WAN. I should then be able to plug the one network into the LAN port and the other into the WAN port.

Then on each Gateway, I will forward traffic for the other subnet onto the Linksys router, which will be forwarded onto the other Gateway.

So it should be something like this.

Gateway 1:
Gateway 2:

The Linksys will be one IP higher for each subnet.

So Gateway 1 ( will forward all traffic for 192.168.1.x onto the Linksys router ( thorugh the WAN port.

Gateway 2 ( will forward all traffic for 10.1.1.x onto the Linksys router ( through the LAN port.

The Linksys router will have static routing setup that will look like this:

Destination Subnet Mask Default Gateway Hops 2 2

Does this look correct? Is there any reason that this wouldnt work, that I am missing?

Any help or suggestions would be great.

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The only option is to give it a try..

If it does not work (hoping it does) at lest you will still have the other slow network.

It sounds to me your going in the right direction now you will have to put it in practice.
Here is an Example:

Static routing with Linksys routers has always been a little flakey. Typically the web-interface asks for three or four entries.

1. The destination network address
2. The subnet mask for that network
3. The IP address of the routing device for that network
4. The number of hops, metric, or in the case of Linksys, whether or not to use LAN or WAN interfaces for the destination of the network

Your first problem is that you are trying to route through NAT. You have a cable going from a LAN port on the Linksys to the WAN port on the Draytek. Therefore, the Draytek is getting an IP address from your DHCP scope in your Linksys ( Any PC's connected to the LAN ports of your Draytek are going through double-NAT. This means that any PC connected to the LAN ports of your Draytek are getting an IP address on the network, and NAT-ing to the WAN Port IP, Then it is being NAT-ed a second time out the WAN interface of the Linksys (if going to the Internet). In theory this should work, but its not a good idea.

Since you are doing double-NAT, its going to be impossible to route a packet through the NAT of the Linksys LAN port to the Draytek.

You want to connect the two routers together using a single LAN port on each of the routers.

In the Linksys, try this configuration.

Destination network:
Destination Mask:
Gateway Address:
Interface: LAN

In the Draytek, try this configuration.

Destination network:
Destination Mask:
Destination Gateway:
Interface (if avail): LAN

When you seperate your networks logically, make sure they have the following IP schemes:

For computers designated on the Linksys LAN:

IP: 192.168.1.x

For computers designated on the Draytek LAN:

IP: 10.0.0.x

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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