Trying to move a Micros system from old to new machine

By Captain Pow ·
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Has anyone had any experience with the Micros Restaurant Enterprise 4.5.7 database?

I'm trying to replace an old rickety server for a friend with a bar, so I started a brand new Windows XP install, added the .NET and IIS requirements, then installed the Micros software.

I've only been able to find discs for 4.0.8, but the old computer is running 4.5.7.

The owner is in no way computer literate, so I'm on my own here.

What I'm looking for is:

* What gets me from 4.0.8 to 4.5.7
* How do I restore a copy of the database from the 4.5.7 (old machine) to the 4.0.8 (new machine)?

When I tried to reload the database, I was informed I had the wrong encryption key -- but I hadn't been asked to type any kind of a key or pass-phrase.

I asked my friend who owns the bar, and even though he's been running this software for the last 10 years or so he's pretty much clueless.

I did try to clone the original server's drive to a Kingston SSD so that I could install an identical copy in the new server and be done with it, but the original drive had degraded enough that a clone attempt failed.

All I'm really looking for is to just move this software from a machine that could fail at any moment to a new machine that shouldn't fail for a while, so that my friend's POS system doesn't go down at some random moment.

Can anybody help?

Even just a link to someone else who talks about this stuff would be helpful. Seems to be a fairly tough industry. Lots of sales people, no engineering.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, (moderate) laughter is certainly allowed.

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