Trying to print from my macbook to windows 2003 server

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I have Windows 2003 Server R2. I have a macbook with the OS 10.4. I have a wireless router. My macbook connects wonderfully to the internet. The other window laptops connect just fine and when they want to print, all i have to do is go to my computer and in the address bar type in \\servername and press enter. it finds the printer and they are able to print.
My mac will not do this. I have tried the ip address, i have tried the server name.
I have gone to printer utilities. I have been to connect to a server. Nothing will work.

Please help,


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Re: Trying to print from my macbook to windows 2003 server

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Some newer printers have a network jack built in, if you connect that to your router you should then be able to find it when you go into the Print & Fax pane of the System Preferences. If it doesn't have it plugged into at least one of the computers, and go into the settings of that machine and turn on printer sharing, then in the Print & Fax pane again, you should be able to see it, and if not, then click the + to add it and you should be good. If that doesn't work, what printer do you have?

Also, forgot to mention, if it's plugged into a PC, you may need to install Bonjour, you can get that here:

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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