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    Trying to put a iCloud account on my IPod touch 4th gen


    by jacobfischer2010 ·

    Hello recently I have been trying to get my iCloud account on my 4th gen IPod touch. But sadly there are some problems, firstly when I try to log on with the account that’s on my Ipad it send a code to it and asks is this you but the problem is the iPod says something like this: “Enter the code on your other device” but it sends a code to the iPad thing is, it says the same damn thing on the iPad so when you press the okay button on the iPod it never gives you a prompt to put the code in. What do I do?

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      Have you ??

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Trying to put a iCloud account on my IPod touch 4th gen

      …..reached out to Apple or done an internet search for the issue you are having ? What version of iOS is running on the iPod ?? Is it the same as your other devices ? How old is the iPod ?

      I found this information on the internet:

      A successor to the 3rd-generation iPod Touch, it was unveiled at Apple’s media event on September 1, 2010, and was released on September 12, 2010. It is (officially) compatible with up to iOS 6.1. 6, which was released on February 21, 2014.

      It is possible that the iPod 4 may not be fully compatible in this case,

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