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Trying to replace Kerridge Windows DW terminal emulator w/ something else

By spiralingcrazies ·
This one is a bit hairy. I am trying to connect to an old Unix SCO server and the terminal software that was used is supported only up to Windows XP.

The software is Kerridge Windows DW (DW Terminal Emulator for Windows).
That software is edn of the line and no longer supported, so upward compatibility for this server is nil.

So far I tried telnet to the server in Windows and it works but it won't take the commands.

Tried PuTTy and that gets up to login screen, logs in and hangs.

Any ideas on software that'll run on Windows 7?

Thanks in advance!

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Are you sure it is a Win 7 issue?

by seanferd In reply to Trying to replace Kerridg ...

PuTTY should run on Win 7, unless <i>maybe</i> if it is 64-bit, perhaps.
Check with Attachmate as well. It's what they do. How about terminal under Cygwin?

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by spiralingcrazies In reply to Are you sure it is a Win ...

Looks like I either can't pass the commands or the configuration for putty is not working with the server side, not that it doesn't run on Windows 7.

The Kerridge emulator doesn't run on Win7 without major errors.

Anita terminal emulator looks good, I'll try that.

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still no dice

by spiralingcrazies In reply to Trying to replace Kerridg ...

Anita didn't do too well. It would authenticate and then sit, won't move to the next screen which loads the program.
The program was in kcml if that makes any difference.

I am not sure about Cygwin - seems like I cna run Linux in a shell in Windows? What terminal emulator do I use in that case though?
Also - no idea how to build it but I do have a redhat virtual image that I could try to test the concept.

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