Trying to set up IP video conferencing

By marnie_dejong ·
So let me preface by saying my background networks is not that strong, I took one class in it many years ago, but I'm the only one around here who has any idea what's going on.

I have satellite internet service in a mobile vehicle. Right now I've got it going through a router into a switch and then out to the network ports. The problem is we want to do video teleconferencing through the internet. We have the software all hooked up and I can get it to work if i basically disable my network and plug the VTC stuff directly into the satellite modem. The problem is once it goes through the network I lose my real world IP. I thought it might be possible to do some NAT stuff to get it through but my feable attempts have failed.

my other thought was that i have two public IPs listed on my satellite modem (this is what they gave me when they installed it). Only one ethernet cable comes out of the modem though. I was wondering if it was somehow possible to use one of IP's to directly hook up to the VTC software and stick the other one into my network.
Does this make any sense?
please help... :)

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