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trying to show video on web

By rlg3526 ·
I have a DVD segment that I'm trying to show on the web. I originally got Gogo DVD To AVI/VCD/SVCD Ripper from 8864soft to change it into either an AVI or an MPG, whatever works.
Well, it works fine on my computer (I have a reasonably fast computer and use Mozilla/Firefox as my browser) but my buddies can't view it at all. One of them says the film loads to about 99% and then stops. Lots of complaints from other folks.
Can I get a conversion program so that will produce a file that will work even on low-end machines with primitive programs (My buddies often use AOL browsers)?

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Flash might be a viable option

by cvestal In reply to trying to show video on w ...

Macromedia (Adobe) Flash might be the best cross-platform/cross-browser way of distributing video via the web. The Macromedia Flash player is already installed on most client machines and in my experience the results have been really good. There seems to be less compatibility issues. It just works!


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Sounds good

by rlg3526 In reply to Flash might be a viable o ...

I keep getting Firefox in with the results when I search "Macromedia (Adobe) Flash", does that mean I can create a Flash movie wih Firefox or does it mean I have to spend a few bucks?

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Did some more research

by rlg3526 In reply to Sounds good

Okay, looked over the Adobe/Macromedia website. Looks like that's the way to go.

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try mp4 format

by gkrew In reply to trying to show video on w ...

try making your video into an mpeg4 formatted file. Mpeg-4 is streamable and supports all kinds of multimedia content (multiple audio-, video-, subtitlestreams, pictures, variable-framerates, -bitrates, -samplerates...) and advanced content (officially called "Rich Media" or "BIFS") like 2D and 3D animated graphics, user interactivity, DVD-like menus...

Take a look at http://www.doom9.org/mp4.htm on how to create mpeg-4 files.

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Sounds worth a try

by rlg3526 In reply to try mp4 format

I've been trying to do a straight convesion with Flash. No luck yet, so that sounds like a more workable idea.

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