Trying to uninstall a program

By LockOutGirl ·
The program Symantec PCAnywhere has recently become corrupt on my computer. I've run it successfully in the past, and recently, when I go to run it, I get the error message "pcAnywhere is not installed properly. Please run SETUP". All attempts to uninstall through Control panel result in being asked for a CD. I do not have a disk for this version. I have a disk for a previous version, and when I try to just install that version, it tells me I do not have access to the registry. I have run regedit and tried to edit the registry where the Symantec files are located, but it is not allowing me to edit.

We use this program a good bit at work to connect with XP users, so I need to get this problem solved as soon as I can. If anyone has any solutions, I would be grateful.

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A couple things to try

by Bobaliscious In reply to Trying to uninstall a pro ...

I am not familiar with PCAnywhere, but the Norton Removal Tool might help get it off your system.
Alternatively, you might run msconfig and make sure that the PCAnywhere processes and services don't start up with windows. If you can keep them from starting, they might not get in the way of your registry hacking.

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Another idea

by rob.bagnato In reply to A couple things to try

I've been using a program called your unistaller. I am not a rep for the company nor do I sell it. It does a great job of completely removing programs from the computer. They have a trial download that gives ou 21 days to try it. Maybe that wil solve our problem. Anyway it's free to try...
Here is a link:

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Thank you!

by LockOutGirl In reply to Another idea

Thank you! That program, even though it couldn't remove the software, opened up the registry so I could install over the old version. Thank you very much!!

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Symantec remedy for all problem's!!!

by rbelieveit In reply to Trying to uninstall a pro ...

Go to and download tool to remove everything period,gut's feather's,etc.Even if it is a pirate issue it will still unistall any Symantec-Norton product have since 2002 if you have any hanger on's that you forgot about!Try it you'll like it,promise!

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