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    TS/web issue


    by ronnonf ·

    I need to get Terminal services over the Web to work. Initially I installed Terminal services (configured for Remote Admin) on a server. Then installed the TSWeb files to the server thus creating the TsWeb virtual directory. Do I need to enable any specific security that is not configured by the TsWeb exe?

    I was able to get to a machine on the LAN from a sep machine on the LAN via web browser by entering the serverName/Tsweb into the Ie web address. When asked for the server name (within the TSWeb logon box) I entered the name of the system I want to control. This proved that it could work.

    I then opened ports 3389 and 80 and routed them to the server. Tried to connect ti my client’s workstation via the internet and the WAN ip address followed by a “/tsweb.” This retunred an error message of
    “The specified remote computer could not be found. Verify that you have
    typed the correct computer name or IP address, and then try connecting

    I figured maybe it was due to the fact I had TSWeb running on the same machine as SBS 2k. Split it onto a new system and lo and behold same issue. I tried to open ports 1234 (had IIS listen on the port) and 3389 and routed them to the new server, same result. I tried the user internal ip, the users full name No good.

    I now need major help and need it fast because my client is beginning to get upset.

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      by joseph moore ·

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      I don’t have TSWEB installed on any servers anymore (I played with it a year ago, but that was all), so I can’t check its security settings.
      But I think it is a safe bet that it is NTFS locked down.
      Since in the office you went to http://SERVERNAME/TSWEB that would have passed your logged in credentials to IIS on the server for authentication. That is how you use NTFS authentication transparently (without getting any login/password/domain box). It works on the local LAN.
      So, open the Internet SErvices Manager on the server, and go to Properties on the TSWEB virtual directory. Click the Directory Security tab, and click the Edit button in the Anonymous access section.
      See if anonymous access is enabled or not. IF not, try enabling it (keep the NTFS authentication enabled) and see if that works.

      Also, check the NTFS Security tab on the folder where TSWEB stuff is installed in to see who has access.

      I will assume you had the port forwarding set up correctly so the public IP address for port 80 was forwarded to the server. And with TSWEB, you ONLY need port 80; you don’t need to open up 3389 or any other. TSWEB is entirely a port 80 thing.

      hope this helps

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      by choppit ·

      In reply to TS/web issue

      Two things;

      1) Leave the server name field blank unless you have more than 1 terminal server and the name entered can be resolved locally. The error you received means that the client cannot resolve the server name to make the connection.

      2) You MUST have TCP ports 80 AND 3389 open for this to work. Port 80 allows the client to download the RDP ActiveX and display the session in IE. Port 3389 facilitates the RDP session.

      Personally I’m not a big fan of TSWEB due to the support headaches its caused me over the last 2 years (mostly client related problems). If I had to make the decision again I’d use the standard client or the built in XP RDP client. (remote assistance client)

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        Reply To: TS/web issue

        by ronnonf ·

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        I got it to work thanks to the assistance of The user goes to port 1234 which is directed to one server running TS server. The RDP client is automatically spawned and the user then shoots to their machine.

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      by ronnonf ·

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