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TSA data leaks will impact us all

By JamesRL ·
It was announced this week that the Transportation Security Administration's operating manual had found its way onto the internet, and reveals many secrets to airport security measures.

No doubt processes and procedures will have to change. The TSA claims its an old manual anyway, but its hard to think there have been radical changes since June 2008 that would negate the danger of the leak.

What do you think will happen?


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I agree with you

by cmiller5400 In reply to TSA data leaks will impac ...

They claim that the procedures have drastically changed in that short of a time frame... Riiight. And I have a bridge to sell ]:) It takes years some times to implement changes; and even those that are changed, only change after a major brouhaha. But I must say that I don't know a whole lot about government and it's inner workings other than it is S L O W.

Looks like some heads should roll very far and quickly...

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by jck In reply to TSA data leaks will impac ...

Not much. I think TSA will make a few minor, cosmetic changes: shift stuff around, modify shifts in various facilities, etc.

Nothing substantial though. I mean, afterall. This is the same TSA that was found to have, less than 2 years after 9/11, to have scaled back staff, reduced the number of random searches they perform, etc.

If the bureaucrats would get out of the process and they were given carte blanche to perform their duties, I'd feel a lot more safer flying.

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I think airport inspections are overrated.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TSA data leaks will impac ...

Now that pilots are no longer obligated to cooperate with hijackers, the motivation to hijack has gone down. Passengers aren't going to sit still anymore. Most of the stuff the TSA has added since Sept. 11th is 'eyewash' intended to make people feel better without any real impact on security. Exactly what is accomplished by having us take off our shoes?

Who screens those folks who work full-time? What keeps the guy or gal at an airport vendor from bringing something in and handing it off to a passenger who's already passed security? Are those employees scanned everyday? Are their purses or backpacks X-rayed when they enter the terminal?

We're still only inspecting 1% of incoming cargo containers. There's your next attack vector.

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by jck In reply to I think airport inspectio ...

Of course, we can thank Bush's administration for that lack of cargo scanners. The Congressional panels allocated monies to the DoHS, but the bill was done in a hurry and not specific enough and the money ended up getting funnelled elsewhere.

From what I understand (from my cousin who works at the docks in CA), GE and other big companies had ramped up production of full container automated scan units that take less than 2 minutes to do a full container...but then the money dried up for selling them.

Like I said, we should get the bureaucrats out of the process and let security professionals and experts do their job.

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