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    tscash, virus??? Help!!!


    by nick ·

    don’t know where this came from. I have a “launchbar” in the lower 1/10
    of my IE5.5 screen that has drop down menus for the “” portal
    site. It seems to be some type of adware program and I can’t get rid of it.
    I looked in the registry “run” and “runonce” keys, startup, win.ini and
    system.ini. I removed all the items in “downloaded programs” and have no
    occache folder.

    There’s a folder in my winnt folder called “tscash” that contains the html
    and gifs for the portal launchbar.

    Tried everything, removed the tscash folder, all references to this in the registry, all dll’s EVERYTHING, looked on newsgroups, nothing in english, mostly german that doesn’t translate very well, this is driving me nuts, any help?

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      by nick ·

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      please help this is driving me nuts!!!

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