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By jardinier ·
I can't think of anything meaningful to say about this topic, but perhaps there are others who have thoughts, feelings or personal experiences which they would like to share.

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Too stunned

by Oz_Media In reply to tsunami

I was thinking of a topic to post about this too but it really leaves even me at a loss for words.

I was talking to a friend the other day who had JUST made it back from Thailand one day before it hit. He was pretty shocked to see just how close it really was. Such devastationis just a reminder that the most powerful force on the planet is the planet itself. It certainly humbles what we see as powerful and lets us understand what little power we actually have in the world.

I have deep heartfelt sympathy for these poor families who were already living in a fairly flimsy world that had their entire lives turned upside down and loved ones taken form them so tragically. I actually thought of you and Colin right away and how such a massive force didn't have any effect on Australia. From what I remember, the northwest corner of Australia is primarily just outback and not heavily populated, but I was still amazed there were no similar events there.

They have been collecting donations around town at various stores and the school is having a fundraiser to try and send SOME supportive donations to those in need, it seems so miniscule when you look at the size of the area and how many families have been effected.

But I suppose everyone chipping in SOMETHING will help, or at least it will show the people who have suffered that it is a concern of everyone in the world, not just southern Asia.

I don't think anything can be said to hep people in such situations, there was no poor planning, no mistake made, it's just nature's way.

I don't know what more I can do to help, though I would if possible, a monetary donation seems so trivial in such situations.

We are planning a benefit to be held in Camden, UK in the beginning of February, 100% of ticket, refreshment and t-shirt sales will be donated!

The manufacturers, crews and vendors are all offering thier products and or services at no cost.

SE members have agreed to donate the majority of the priofts from their latest DVD sales also, monetary help seems so trivial though.

I discussed flying there with a friend to see where we can help (why no,t I have the time) but we were advised against it as being there now is not a great help due to the amount of chaos going on, more people just means more chaos, more mouths to feed etc.

My heart goes out to all those effected around the world, I just don't know what else I can do or say to help at this point though.

The 1964 Alaska earthquake caused a massive tsunami that destroyed most of Port Alberni, it is a big awareness in the island as we also sit on a plate. The last earthquake sent a tsunami all the way to Japan yet did less damage right off the coast of the island where the quake occured.
It could be us next time, I want to show the rest of the world exactly what I would hope for from them in the same situation.

God bless those who were effected by this most tragic event, let us all work together to give these people the hope and strength needed to recover.

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I agree with . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Too stunned

...what you said: "....just a reminder that the most powerful force on the planet is the planet itself. It certainly humbles what we see as powerful and lets us understand what little power we actually have in the world."

I agree 100 percent.

Too bad the "global warming" chicken littles don't see it that way. To presume that we, mere humans, can control how the planet acts and reacts is more than preposterous.

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Yes as an extreme

by Oz_Media In reply to I agree with . . . . .

I agree Max and I think I can respect why you see it this way too. People have gone WAY overboard on the Gw issue, I know you respect your environment though.

You are well aware of what we can do to pollute streams, kill forests and fish etc.

My view on GW is similar in that respect, why emit what is not absolutely neccessary, especially in cases where it is due to increased revenue stream?

I am not talking about shutting down business or slowing production, but there are known and proven solutions to reducing pollutants SAID to possibly be attributed to speeding up the global warming 'inevitability'.

Though these technologies are gradually becoming a reality, though at a painfully slow pace, I still think in many cases manufacturers are simply going for profit margin although SLOWLY being forced to do better.

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by house In reply to I agree with . . . . .

Although we can analyse and point a scientific finger to the cause of global "warming", it is in fact the Earth's reaction to our negligence and poor pollution management. The word, of course, describes more than emissions.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Max

You said, "Although we can analyze and point a scientific finger to the cause of global 'warming'......"

No we can't. It's 100 percent pure speculation.

You said, " is, in fact, the Earth's reaction to our negligence and poor pollution management."

No, it is not. And there is absolutely no substantiated proof to support such an assertion. Absolutely none.

Pollution is to global warming as one of Oz's farts is to the gaseous atmosphere on Venus. Although both have their own element of unpleasantness, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Pollution is one issue. (In fact, it's one of my pet-peeve issues.) But "man-caused global warming" is the biggest con-job in the history of the world. And again, although both have their own element of unpleasantness, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

You might as well claim that our atmosphere is turning into Strawberry Jell-O. The "man-caused" global warming claim is just as ridiculous. But you know what? It will continue to live on because of the number of people who will never admit that they've been duped -- and because of the number of dollars being spent to "study" it. In the end, the "global warming" scam is being perpetrated for two reasons. One is to exercise control over industry and the population in general. And the other is to make some people rich -- you know, follow the money.

Is the Earth experiencing an increase in average temperature? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. It has fluctuated one way or the other over the millennia, and maybe it's fluctuating again. But to suggest that humans are causing it is utter nonsense. And if it is fluctuating again, just like the earthquakes and tsunamis, there's not a dang thing we can do about it.

I know, I know. I'm in about the 10 percent minority by holding onto this opinion. But at one time, 90 percent of the population believed the scientists who claimed the Earth was flat.

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So what is it then Max?

by house In reply to house

I left the word "pollution" open to interpretation, and claimed that the Earth reacted to it. I didn't specify anything, as I don't really know what causes it myself. It may very well be one of Oz's farts. :)

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Mr. Edison...You are so correct!

by david.johnson In reply to house

It always amazes me to see the number of people who will believe the talking heads. By and large, the people who report the "news" are desparetely trying to sensationalize trivial things. The so call "news media" in the past began to use stories about global warming to draw attention to their "higher intelligence." Lo and behold, what they implied might be true has been "assumed" to be factual.

I am amazed at the number of educated people who can read but can't reason.

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You might like to check out ...

by jardinier In reply to Mr. Edison...You are so c ...

the ongoing discussion: "The evolution lie."

There is masses of good input in that discussion regarding what constitutes a valid theory.

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Destructive forces

by jardinier In reply to Too stunned

Perhaps you are overlookng the fact that there are (or at least used to be) enough nuclear devices to destroy the planet several times over.

And if some wacko had managed to get into a position to push the critical first button, we wouldn't be here talking about tsunami -- in fact we wouldn't be here at all.

I am sure you are familiar with Neville Shute's novel "On The Beach." It's not just the big bangs that do the damage, but the radioactive fallout that drifts through the atmosphere.

And the most destructive single force over a period of time has been the human race.

You are of course free to maintain your skepticism about global warming, but you are going against the majority of scientific opinion.

By the way, this is not an invitation to digress into that issue. The topic is tsunami.

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I do indeed maintain my skepticism

by maxwell edison In reply to Destructive forces

And I respectfully disagree that I am going against the "majority" of scientific opinion. For every scientist that maintains the human race is causing global warming, I'll show you one who claims that assertion is pure nonsense. In fact, I'll call your scientist and raise you another.

And if you want to keep the topic on only tsunamis, I'll suggest that the "human race caused" global warming claim has overtaken peoples' common sense like a tsunami.

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