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tuner card : HP install

By Schafnit1 ·
How do I install an internal TV tuner card into HP a850y ?

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by Dr Dij In reply to tuner card : HP install

YOu don't give much info.
what OS?
how old is the A850y?
do you have enuf memory?

TV tuner cards are great fun and very useful. I have cable TV strung out to my TV plus 3 PC, all with an all-in-wonder card.

because they have the tuner and vga all in one, you simply pop the card in and install their software from the cd-rom. then hook up the cable to back of your PC.

older cards without vga in addition means the tv signal has to travel thru PC to the VGA card, slowing down your PC. or it can be wired thru pass thru cable from tuner to vga which goes to your monitor. that can be a real hassle and definitely not as neat cablewise or systemwise.

You can still minimise the tv window and run other stuff while it is going. in win 98 you can only run a couple other small apps before you destablize the system. windows 2000 might not have this problem, provided you have enuf ram.

It's fun to be able to capture stills or video clips from TV. newer ones have a tivo like package. you'll need a newer hard drive, sata might be cleanest, easiest, with it's newer controller card if you're putting it on an older PC and you want to capture video clips.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to tuner card : HP install

As the above poster said it really depends on yous OS and amount of RAM Available.

But to install any Video Capture Card all you need do is turn off your system unplug it open the case remove a unused backing plate in front of a PCI slot and plug in the TV Tuner Card, then reassemble your case plug it back in and reboot. When the OS opens it should detect new Hardware and you use the provided CD that came with the TV Card to install at first the drivers and then the program.

But here it really depends on the Tuner Card and what the makers tell you to do in their installation material some of the newer and better ones will only require you to install the program as its first step is to install the proper drivers for your OS and then will install the required program so you do not have to 2 step process but just a 1 step process.


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by Schafnit1 In reply to tuner card : HP install

Very helpful reply , thank you. Hope to install an internal card this weekend ,
I'll let you know how it goes , OK?

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