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tunneling UDP traffic over TCP-IP

By zuzulo ·
I have a complex application which currently communicates between server nodes using UDP. This works perfectly for server-server traffic within the LAN cluster, but UDP traffic to external nodes is, unsurprisingly, hosed by various network factors. The easiest way to handle this problem (other ideas welcome) is to tunnel UDP traffic targeted to remote nodes over a persistent TCP-IP connection. What is the best and easiest way to do this? i.e. would it make sense to use netcat (nc), and if so what would be the best configuration...

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tunneling UDP traffic over TCP-IP

by resmith In reply to tunneling UDP traffic ove ...

If you have access to the routers on each end, you can create tunnels there. You could also setup SWAN for Linux and use a VPN. Once you have the VPN setup, you can virtually send any traffic you want through the VPN.

You may want to read up on the Linux SWAN project for VPNs.

Hope this helps.

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tunneling UDP traffic over TCP-IP

by zuzulo In reply to tunneling UDP traffic ove ...
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can use openvpn

by androidx219 In reply to tunneling UDP traffic ove ...

I used DC++ over ssh tunnel and used socat(cygwin) to tunnel udp traffic over tcp but the performance of the search result were extremely poor. It does not effectively tunnel udp traffic over tcp. The best way in my mind is to use openvpn as it can tunnel the entire vpn connection over one tcp port. But again it will extra overhead on the packets. Please reply here if you have a better way to tunnel udp over tcp. thanks

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by yunn11 In reply to tunneling UDP traffic ove ...

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