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Turn Off Administrator Capabilities

By f-4549025 ·
Hi I have just gotten My P/C back from repair they had the Administrator turned off. I Inadvertently. Turned it back on and I want to disable it I do not use it nor know how or why? I just fooled around with it and I want to turn it off.
I am using a bootleg Copy of xp Pro. any help is greatly Appreciated! thanks

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Here is your help

by OnTheRopes In reply to Turn Off Administrator Ca ... It takes awhile to load. Be patient.

While we're waiting, what's your next question?

I have a couple of questions too.

Did you enter an email address when you joined TR that is positively untraceable back to you?

Do you have a router or proxy that obscures your IP address so that no one like Microsoft or... say someplace like TR that records logins and connections can find it in case of criminal activity?

Just curious.

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NB...I am SO proud of you!

by TechExec2 In reply to Here is your help

What a NIIIICE guy you are! :-)

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I try

by OnTheRopes In reply to NB...I am SO proud of you ...
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Thanks for all your Help

by f-4549025 In reply to Here is your help

Hey I am just curious what do you use a router for? all I know that I have is Security I am going to buy a legal copy of xp or wait and get the new windows system?
well can you tell me what steps to take to turn off the capabilities? I couldnt get those links to load what where they for? thanks

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You may want to read and save this download from TR

by OnTheRopes In reply to Thanks for all your Help

It's entitled, "10 things you should do to a new PC before connecting it to the Internet" and is in .pdf format so you'll need a .pdf "reader/viewer" installed on your pc to read/view it.

Number 10 gives a brief description of the benefits of having a router.

The links I posted all go to Microsoft websites for reporting "bootleg" software. Bootleg software is software that was illegally copied and illegal activity is not knowingly supported by TR members.

It's unclear who installed the software on your system and I make no accusations towards you. I also did not report you.

It's fairly obvious that you are a somewhat new user.

That's great.

Welcome to TR.

I suggest that you purchase a legal copy of Windows XP Pro, the full install version, not the upgrade version, as you'll be starting from scratch. Windows XP Home edition lacks many features of XP Pro and I believe it is going to become obsolete much sooner than the Pro version.

I STRONGLY suggest that you wait a LONG time before buying Microsofts VISTA operating system when it's released. There are many discussions here at TR that can show you why I feel that way. Go with the full version of XP Pro, for now.

You can also save money by buying Windows XP Pro OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version from a place like or another vendor you're comfortable with. The OEM version is virtually the same as the retail box version, without the box. The vendor will send the required hardware component when they send the software. If it looks cool put the hardware on a shelf as a fancy high-tech knick-knack to impress your goldfish, cat, dog, wife or whatever ya' got.

Usually the "hardware" is just a cable. Save it anyway 'cuz ya' just never know...

It may be to your advantage to find a reputable PC Repair firm to install your software but you can be much better off and save a lot of money if you do it yourself. I think that's the best way to learn but you may not feel that way.

I suggest you read some of the many articles at TR before you make an attempt to install Windows XP Pro. There are a few things you need to know.

For example:
Before you install the new Operating System you'll want to make sure you have all of the drivers you need for the various devices in your computer. Locate the make and model number of your pc and see if the drivers are available from the manufacturers website. If they are, download and save them to external storage, such as a CD.

As you gain experience with your pc and spend more time at TR reading about Linux operating systems you may want to install one of the Linux distributions.

In any case, TR members will help you to get a legal system set-up safely and securely so that you can use your pc with as few problems as possible.

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Here's a solution

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Turn Off Administrator Ca ...

Go buy a legal copy, when you install it, follow the instructions.

If you can't afford windows, use linux.

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Well yeah...

by OnTheRopes In reply to Here's a solution

There IS that. Easier to type too.

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I was trying to be professional as well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well yeah...

wouldn't want to upset the post police again would we.

Do you think we'll get a response cursing us for our lack of professionalism, after all he might not be able to afford a legal copy due to MS's monopolistic business practices.

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Good job with the professionalism

by OnTheRopes In reply to I was trying to be profes ...

Wish I'd thought of it.

If we get cursed "something's rotten in Denmark".

If I get cursed that Spandex feller might take away some of my valuable TR TechQ&A points, or something, for my being such an easy target.

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Foreigners don't get mugs and

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Good job with the profess ...

Most of the people I answer questions for can't be bothered to give me points anyway, so nowt to lose on all fronts !
I thought you gave a him a good answer, mine was a bit wimpy, if he's quick he might be able to destroy all evidence of his dastardly crime.

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