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    Turn Off Unwanted Sound Ads?


    by craig dedo ·

    In the last 2 or 3 weeks, I have had problems with unwanted sound ads popping up unexpectedly while using my web browser. Often, these ads come at very inconvenient times and interfere with whatever I am trying to listen to at the time. I don’t want to be bothered with these ads and I consider them a form of spam.

    How do I find the processes that are running these voice ads? How do I turn them off? How do I prevent them from starting in the first place?

    These ads are running both on my laptop and desktop PCs. Here is some configuration information.
    Browser: Firefox 15.0.1
    Laptop OS: MS Windows Vista x64 SP2
    Desktop OS: MS Windows 7 x64

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      by craig dedo ·

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      disable flash or mute volume

      by jpelectron ·

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      You could try setting flash objects only to play manual (after click) rather then automatically….

      on Chrome/Iron: Navigate to: chrome://chrome/settings/content
      under plug-ins set to “click to play”
      under popups set to “do not allow any site to…”

      on IE:

      or, set your PC volume to Mute

      or, invest in an Internet filter that can disable ads, or one of the popular ad-block plus type of browser plug-ins.

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      Since you use Fire Fox, just install AdBlock Plus and Better Privacy, then

      by deadly ernest ·

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      set them up and train them to block the pop ups and ads. Better Privacy will also kill off the Flash cookies most of those types of ads use.

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