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Turn off Virus Check in Office 2003?

By Gandalf237 ·
In MS Office 2003 every time a document is opened in any of the apps, a virus scan is initiated on the file being opened, thereby slowing the process to a stand still. How do you turn that off? It is not a function of my AV software because it was happening even before I installed any AV software.

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by JEPott In reply to Turn off Virus Check in O ...

What Anti-Virus Software are you running - 99% of the time this is related to the MS Office Plugin.

If you are using Norton, try this:
Open Norton Anti Virus. Open "Options"
Under "Other" open "Miscellaneous" and remove any check for "Enable Microsoft Office Plug-ins"

If you are using AVG, try this:
regsvr32 /u avgoff2k.dll
Click OK
To restart Office XP to request virus scans on opening documents..
regsvr32 avgoff2k.dll
Click OK
If you have problems with this do it from a command window in the directory where AVG was installed... usually c:\program files\grisoft\AVG7.

I hope this helps - JEPott

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Turn off Virus Check in O ...

What is supposed to happen is that any documents opened are scanned for Macro Virus and they should not be a long time in running the scan. If it was happening before you loaded any AV software you could have an infection that is stopping the things from working properly or more likely the application is attempting to access something that isn't there and having a problem and locking itself into a loop until it eventually breaks out.

If you now have an AV product installed and up to date with the Definitions run a Scan in Safe Mode just to make sure that the computer is actually clean and if you can not update the definitions you most likely have an infection which you'll have to get rid of before you go any further.

If the unit is clean uninstall Office and then reboot and reinstall then reboot while you'll have to reactivate the program again it will at least now have the correct Hooks in place to run properly and not take a long time to excite. If it is still taking too long you'll have to have a serious look at your Hardware and see what you can do to speed things up.

Incidentally you should never under any circumstances run any computer without a valid AV product installed even if you do not have a Internet connection you are still using recorded data or programs that can infect the unit. At one of the big Computer Shows one of the companies had to pull all of the hand out pressed Cd's because they where all infected with several Virus so this is not restricted to just recorded Software/Data but to new applications that you may install as well on a pressed CD/DVD. If the company making the CD/DVDs has no current AV procedure in place there is most likely a massive possibility of Infection occurring.

If you're hardware is up to spec and above the minimum System Requirements for the application and it is still slow I would be looking for an infection of some kind before starting to blame the Hardware for problems.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Turn off Virus Check in O ...

i bet a quarter this *is* your AV program. i bet is freshly installed symantec/norton av of some flavor and needs updating.
man, wonder if there is a lot left unsaid like, no av is installed right now because you couldn't get it on there...
if it is norton, have you run LiveUpdate repeatedly until it told you it was all up to date?
if so, you can disable the office plug for norton, so find in Symantec/Norton under Miscellaneous/Other depending on your version disable it for a test. but virusscan the doc outside of office first, yes?
i wonder, what exactly do you mean, 'a virus scan is initiated'. what window pops up and what does the window and its title bar say?...
'request virus scan' is one of the many error messages this article talks about and it suggests updating your antivirus program and if that doesn't work, it suggests you may have infected documents. so i agree with previous answer.;en-us;835404
You receive a "File is not available" error message when you try to open an Office document

office sp level
windows sp level and version
antivirus version
exact error message
any (application) event log error description, source, id
steps to reproduce and results of tests you've made
ideas about what to try
try a new doc, stored locally.
try a new doc, stored on network
try other old docs locally and network

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