Turning a Neoware Thin Client into a Full PC

By Clendanielc ·
Is it possible to turn a Neoware Thin Client into a Full PC?

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No it is not possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Turning a Neoware Thin Cl ...

These things are really nothing more than a Display Terminal which where built to run a Network Connection to the Server where all the processing is done and a Graphic Processing Unit which turns the signals from the server into something that can be read at the terminal.

They simply lack the capability to do any processing.


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Reponse To Answer

by Clendanielc In reply to No it is not possible

Thanks! I found out that we had about 200 brand new Neowares that we are about to throw away. I wanted to see if there was anything that I could do with them before recycling them.

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About the only thing you could do,

is use it as a second terminal on another full PC, but that is rather old school,
can't remember all the steps I took, and it was over a serial port connection too...
slow by today's standards.

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