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"TV Out" feature on a graphics card

By jimfrancisco ·
Does this mean you can watch TV on your PC or that you can use your TV as a monitor or something completely different?

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RE: TV out

by taos_roadrunner In reply to "TV Out" feature on a gra ...

A lot of newer cards and laptops have a composite output for a TV. they go to the AV in on your tv. you can also connect audio outputs from your sound card to the tv. this is most often used if you have a DVD on your computer, so you can watch it onyour tv. Some cards like the ATI allinwonder have inputs, outputs and a tuner. with them you can watch tv on your PC. I use a dual monitor setup at home and put the dispay up in one corner.

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Re: TV Out

by r_niswonger In reply to RE: TV out

The ATI AllInWonder card, in my opinion is a great card. The card consists of standard cable in for viewing television on the monitor, and s-cable out for using your TV as a monitor. The ATI also has input and output for sound. Included in the kit is an adapter for using the VCR, DVD. The one thing I have found, at times my system freezes when changing channels to repidly while using the monitor for viewing televison.

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TV as monitor

by gmscne In reply to "TV Out" feature on a gra ...

It means you can use this output (TV Out) to use your television as a computer monitor.

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