TV-Out Through VGA Port

By Analyticus ·
I've been looking for a solution to run video from my PC to a Projector and have found a VGA to Composite/S-Video cable.
This cable is for use on a video card that supports TV-Out through the VGA connector on the Video card.
Is there such a card on the market? I've searched and cannot find one.
If anyone knows of one, I'd appreciate some make/model information.

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There are generally speaking only 3 types of Video Out

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TV-Out Through VGA Port

On any Video Card they are the normal VGA then there are some with DVI and S-Video which is a similar type of socket to a PS2 but with a different Pin Arraignment and a smaller socket.

Currently the ATI Radeon cards have all 3 outputs on them if you look at the higher end cards and there is an adaptor from DVI to VGA as well so you can run 2 VGA Monitors off them.

However the S-Video is a different kettle of fish as there are several different sockets currently being used one has 4 pins another has 6 pins they are the most common but there are most likely more available and then the other end of these leads can be either another S-Video Plug or a combination of S-Video & RCA and occasionally a single RCA Socket that you can run a standard RCA Male to Male lead from to the Video In on a VCR or TV.

The Audio naturally comes out of the Sound Card and should feed the sound system that you are running this can either be a separate Surround Sound System or it can be a built in Stereo System in the TV or VCR depending on what your actual connections are. Sometimes the DVD players have these input connections as well but this are not as common as they are on VCR's or TV's.


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I have the same problem

by TUVIX2 In reply to TV-Out Through VGA Port

I have also baught a VGA to Composite/S-Video cable. I had the problem that my video card does not support TV-Out through the VGA connector. I also searched for one and could not find one. If I was to buy a new video card I would sping for one with a S-Video output, if the other video card exists it would probubly be the same price anyway. Thank god I didn't spend a lot of money on the adaptor.
God Luck!

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