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By vmncamp ·
I want to know if anyone is familiar with downloading twain drivers. Im having trouble finding a twain driver for a dell 1600n printer/fax,this will be used to for a user to scan to the desk top.

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Just Install the Driver

by TheChas In reply to twain driver

You should be able to just download the driver from Dell and install it. That should take care of both the printing and scanning functions.

That presumes you are using Windows 2000, XP or Vista as those are the only drivers I saw listed.

Now, some older imaging programs may not work with the native Dell driver. You may need to download the full support package, or order a driver CD in order to get Dell's software interface for the scanner function.

This link looks like the full driver and application package.

All 138 MB of it.


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Drivers are usually found at the manufacturer's web site...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to twain driver

Yours is here:

However, it doesn't appear this product is TWAIN compliant. It comes with a WIA driver instead for use in WinXP to allow scanning without other software. Simply installing the drivers from the link above will install the WIA driver. There is no mention of TWAIN in any of the specifications for this printer. At least none I can find.

If you don't care to use the scanning software that came with the multifunction device, there is a way to scan using Windows XP's native camera/scanner support.

The user's manual for your printer is located at:

This is an excerp from that manual:

Scanning Using the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Driver

Your multi-function printer also supports the WIA driver for scanning images. WIA is one of the standard components provided by Microsoft Windows XP and works with digital
cameras and scanners. Unlike the TWAIN driver, the WIA driver allows you to scan an
image and easily manipulate those images without using additional software.

NOTE: The WIA driver works only on Windows XP.

1 Place a single document face down on the scanner glass.
Load the document(s) to be copied face up with top edge in first into the ADF.
For details about loading original document(s), see page 36-37.

2 Click Start → Control Panel → Printers and Other Hardware → Scanners and

3 Double-click the printer icon. The Scanners and Camera Wizard launches.

4 Choose your scanning preferences and click Preview to see how your preferences affect
the picture.

5 Enter a picture name, and select a file format and destination to save the picture.

6 Follow the on-screen instructions to edit the picture after it is copied to your

Hope this helps.

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The scanner uses a default TWAIN driver

by nepenthe0 In reply to twain driver

If you check the User Manual, you will see that the scanner uses a TWAIN driver called Paper-Port.

If you prefer the TWAIN driver to the Windows driver (WIA = Windows Image Acquisition), you should be able to do this within the Paper-Port application. If Paper-Port is corrupted, reinstall it from the CD that came with the multifunction printer, or download it from Dell's driver/support website.

Rick/Portland, OR

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