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Twisted Software

By Jaqui ·
Oreilly has a new "Nutshell" book on working with Twisted Software.


What's Twisted?


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Looks interesting

by stress junkie In reply to Twisted Software

Okay so we have a new common network framework for applications. They've also created a bunch of critical network functions based on this framework. All of this is based on Python and it was created at MIT.

Question: Why? What is the advantage. The web page says that the fact that it is based on Python allows developers to enjoy more robust error handling. Is that true? It seems to me that there have been numerous security patches to Python in recent years. Is Python code better than C code? I don't know, I'm just asking.

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the differences

by Jaqui In reply to Looks interesting

between python and c are along the lines of interpreted and compiled.

python was designed as a general purpose scripting language.

c was designed as a general purpose programming language

if you put mod_python into apache, it can even be your webscript language, with very little in the way of code changes. [ output formatting for html really ]

if you use c, you have to compile it and use as cgi, and the networking functionality is a huge amount of code.

take a perl cgi script, convert to python, it should work.
convert it to c, you have to add the code for the webserver / networking interface to it.

but yeah, the error stack in c is more limited than the error stack in python. because the python developers expect more errors?

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