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    Twitter analytics


    by fionac2511 ·


    This may not be the correct forum but I’ll hope for positive responses.
    I’m completing an MSc in Science Communication – one element of my dissertation involves analysing social media activity for a specific # – and I want to refine that by geographic location, time period, key words and language. I’ve looked at TweetArchivist, NodeXL but not sure of best options. I should also note this campaign covered the period 28 January – 11 February so should I be worried about accessing this data? Advice, recommended tools etc are all most welcome.

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      use different tools

      by ankitsingh213506 ·

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      For audience insight, you can use Facebook insight. You can use ubersuggest or keyword planner for keywords & search volume.

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      twitter analytics

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      Twitter analytics and knowing how to use them can change your social media game.

      Whether it’s identifying which messages resonate, determining successful campaigns, or spotting holes in your customer service, the data at your fingertips can turn seemingly random social interactions into strategy-changing insights.
      Twitter analytics compiles all the behaviors and actions audiences take when they come across your posts or profile–the clicks, follows, likes, expands and more–and breaks down that data to help you track performance and refine your strategy.

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      Reply To: Twitter analytics

      by mareeshamandrin ·

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      Consider tools like Brandwatch or Crimson Hexagon for social media analysis, especially in terms of refining by geographic location, time period, keywords, and language.

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