Two 1gbps ports in one

By WareZ57 ·
Hello, I want to apologize if I am in the wrong section

I also want to clarify that I am not English but French I partially use a translator.

I come to you the English-speaking community to help me overcome a small problem.

I'm like anyone in the world who owns an internet service provider

My operator, to a service which offers 2 gbit/s (download) but in "simultaneous"
which means that if two PCs are connected 1 gbit/s is delivered for both on each port

Unfortunately, it is VERY difficult to replace the router with another one.

So I am trying to find out how I could make sure to connect TWO ports of my router on
1 single PC to have access to 2 gbit / s

Knowing that the PC can receive 10 gbit/s

The router used SFP

Thanks you
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So NIC Teaming?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Two 1gbps ports in one

There are too many priors here so I'll lead with "it's a waste of time and money" for most people. Why? It's revealed at where they write:
"1Gbps speeds on a single transfer"

Also, you usually find the PING time increased which really upsets the gamers. So for multichannel transfers you might get a small gain and here's where we dive into why that is.

Let's say you want to download something from some server. That server's upload speed is rarely in the 1+ gbps range so all your work didn't pay off.

-> I would not do this.

I would see if I could connect with WiFi 6. Read:

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2 Networks Cards ?

by WareZ57 In reply to So NIC Teaming?

Thank you for the answer.

I understand what you mean, but generally the servers which are in France or the border countries and they have very good speed I am generally at 90 mo/s

There is very little chance that downloads to US or china.
Even the torrents I also have around 90mo/s

You should know that the two ports come from the same router, these just that the router limits to 1gbps per port but it can deliver 2x1Gbits or a total of 2gbit/s

But I think I found a solution

(the video is in French but you should understand)

Use an intel network card with to use the intel system to pair the two cards together

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What is 90 mo/s?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to 2 Networks Cards ?

If that was 90 megabits per second you should see no gain and in fact may see speed decrease with the dual Ethernet setup. How do I know? BTDT. That is, many have tried.

Again, all this has been kicked around for decades and not much has changed except for new networking people that must try it.

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Wait and See ..

by WareZ57 In reply to What is 90 mo/s?

I will have my new apartment in 1 month, I will do some tests to see if this is successful and I will feed the topic again :)

I can imagine that we try a lot but with new technology everything becomes more and more possible! :)

thanks for taking the time to respond

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Re: mo

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to What is 90 mo/s?

The o in mo stands for octet, which is 8 bits, so a byte. That's what's used in French.

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Back with 1820 mbps :)

by WareZ57 In reply to What is 90 mo/s?

Hello, I will come back to you for the rest of the subject.

I got the second network card, which is installed and linked.

Once the limit is around 1820 MBPS but the concern that some applications do not support bonding natively

I tried with the following software:

Connectify dispatch pro

But without success would you have an idea?

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It appears you are repeating that admonition.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Back with 1820 mbps :)

1. "1Gbps speeds on a single transfer"
That's how it's supposed to work.

2. About Speedtest. Just under the Go button is "Connections" which is "Multi" and "Single" Your test result looks to be what is expected for Multi.

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by WareZ57 In reply to It appears you are repeat ...

I understood very well that its only delivers 1gbps per port.

Now that the two cards are linked I need to find a software that allows to use this link made via intel and to use it on other application or to download via the browser

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In my first reply.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Software?

There's a reddit discussion that revealed that limitation. To overcome this you would have to do something in the router.

As it stands, your results are as-expected.

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Link ?

by WareZ57 In reply to In my first reply.

Will you have the link please ?

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