Two Broadband connections and One SBS 2003 server

By acmahajan ·

I have two broadband connections(one with 256kbps and other with 512kbps
)with me and the server has two network adapters.

[Two broadband connection because if one A1 goes down(or is dead) Internet
operates on other B1.]

Now, can I merge these (A1 and B1) in Two N/W adapters on my SBS 2003
server. if yes how ?
If no, then how to do it?

Basically we have peer to peer network in which A1 Broadband connection is
for the 10 Desktops and B1(which is wireless router)is for the 10 Laptops,
and we had lots of problems on switch (may be due to 2 DHCP on single
switch)that?s why we bought new server.

We have one printer that is connected to our LAN @ A1 , now if somebody
wants to print from B1(laptops) ?.they can?t. So they have to connect to A1
for printing any document.

Apart from this what i want is
1>There should be only single DHCP Server
2>Both A1 and B1 be on same network
3>A1 and B1 users can both access the LAN ,Internet and the Server
4>A1 and B1 should act as Fail-Over for each other.

I want to install SBS 2003 server , and want to resolve above problems

Please help
Thanks in advance

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What are you paid for?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Two Broadband connections ...

This is your job not the job of TR to tell you.

To Answer you two questions:

You can run the two connections of the server.

Plug them in and configure the IP settings as before.

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Great suggestion TechMail

by CG IT In reply to What are you paid for?

Well Said TechMail!!

I usually just ignor questions from posters who want to know how to configure stuff on a network because as you said, it's their job, they ought to know how.

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Wrong Answer

by juan.berrios In reply to Great suggestion TechMail

Sometimes, all of us, IT, found a problem that need to ask to a reliable source of information to correct problems that we found. This person ask for this, maybe no big deal for us, but he's making his job, find how to resolve his issue. The answer
has no courtesy and I think that he was the person who need something today, maybe you tomorrow...

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it's not the wrong answer nics

by CG IT In reply to Wrong Answer

SBS is probably one of the easiest domain based/Active Directory based single box setups. Everything is wizard driven and only a basic understanding of networking is required. Even then, Microsoft Help and Support has many how to articles dealing with setting up SBS. Also setting up networking requires a basic understanding of how routing and addressing works.

This poster has said they don't know how and wants to know how to setup SBS with 2 internet connections that terminate into a wired router and a wireless router.

Now if he's got anything on the ball computer wise, he's got to know there are dual WAN port routers on the market which will load balance 2 internet connections. The only solution is a dual WAN router [or ISA server with 3 NICs and load balance] and a Wireless Access Point OR he can dump one of the internet connections and still use the Wireless Access Point [NOT a wireless router]. He can't setup the domain based network with 2 broadband routers, one wireless and 1 wired, with the SBS box.

If he doesn't know that, or to look at Microsoft Help and Support or even Microsoft Technet Small Business Server, he shouldn't be trying to setup a SBS network as it's beyond his skill set.

Asking here to solve the problem doesn't increase his skill set. He could get the small business server administrators kit by microsoft press which will give him virtually all the information he needs to setup and administer a SBS 2003 Network. That still doesn't increase his basic domain/active directory/networking/DNS/DHCP/security/ whatever skill set. He needs to learn those as well. Something MCSEs have or even MSCAs[MCSA-MCSE 2003 which is being retired next April/May]...

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ha! you couldn't help yourself. thank goodness

by sgt_shultz In reply to it's not the wrong answer ...

Thank you for posting CG how else am i ever gonna know this stuff?
You know I love it when you talk like that.

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no I couldn't

by CG IT In reply to ha! you couldn't help you ...

harsh but that's the reality of it. My advice

get books read em. learn DNS, DHCP Active Directory blah blah.. then get books on basic networking maybe CCNA or even just the book CCNA Jumpstart or TCP/IP Jumpstart. all basic primers but least he could have the concepts.

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Rudness is the order for the day.

by ForrestO In reply to What are you paid for?

Did you all forget when you first started in the business and handed a new project for the first time with limited knowledge and contacts to discuss issues with. Well I have been in the business for over 20 years now and I will still find the time to treat someone with respect. This person did not ask to be insulted and ridiculed by you all they asked a basic question and you reply with insult and attack. these forums are to help each other and perhaps the approach would have been to explain where to obtain the answer through TechNet or other locations so that the next time the person that posted here might be more able to resolve the issues at hand as opposed it being attacked by a bunch of angry frustrated old farts that have forgotten what it was to be excited about learning something new. Good job on encouraging the younger generation. Think about it in another 5 years this newbie might be your boss. God bless and have a great day!

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