Two broadband connections connecting into one SBS2003 server

By Steve ·
We have a sbs2003 which had one broadband connection(modem and firewall). A second broadband connection has been added to allow dedicated access for a till in a second shop to access stock database on the server. The new connection from the new firewall goes into the switch part of the original firewall. Inbound connections are not blocked by the firewall but they are not reaching the server.
Is there a possibility that the switch in the firewall is causing the problem? Would a sepereat switch solve the problem?
Any ideas would help?

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more info needed

by CG IT In reply to Two broadband connections ...

how many NICs on the SBS Box?

in a 1 NIC senario, the windows built in firewall is off by default on the SBS box.

in a 2 NIC senario, the NIC that connects to the broadband modem/firewall is considered the external NIC by the SBS box. in a nutshell traffic coming in on that nic would require remote access authentication.

question on the second internet connection line: where's the modem/router in the mix?

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More info here

by Steve In reply to more info needed

Thanks for the reply,
There are 2 NICs, the sbs firewall is turned off as hardware firewalls are being used.
The first broadband connection is a Linksys ADSL modem bridged to a Netgear FVS 318 firewall and wired to the WAN NIC on the server. This in bound connection works fine for SMTP, RWW, RDP and Windows VPN.
The new broadband connection is Linksys ADSL modem bridged to Netgear FVS338 firewall. Lan connection for this goes to switch on FVS318 and hence on to server. Port forwarding is set for same services as above except no SMTP needed on this connection.


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nah see that's the problem.

by CG IT In reply to More info here

your new connection goes to the netgear FVS318 which the external NIC of the SBS box is also connected to. That means any traffic trying to get in on that NIC is considered remote so you have to have RRAS enabled.

Doesn't matter whether the SBS box firewall is turned on or not, the dual homed SBS box is a "router". the default without RRAS enabled is to deny all remote access attempts.

If you want remote users to get in to the network and access a DB on the LAN, I would make the DB server a member server of the SBS domain. Enable RRAS and use ISA server.

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problem? What problem?

by countupir In reply to Two broadband connections ...

Is there a possibility that the switch in the firewall is causing the problem?
You didn't really give a good description of the problem but by what you said I can guess you want to access the server over the second Internet connection. There are lots of ways to accommodate two public connections but if you have a firewall/router why not just route using the first connection?

Would a sepereat switch solve the problem?
A separate switch would solve the problem if you were using one connection and many IP addresses.

Like the other guy said; you really need a whole **** of a lot more information for an intelligent response.

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