Two different beep types...HELP!!!!

By tlbuster75 ·
I am a student and was working in Photoshop yesterday when I did something very stupid. I went to print a large photo and sent it to the print queue and realized that I didn't have the printer's USB cable connected. Instead of turning off the computer and plugging it in and restarting I plugged it in quickly while it was trying to print. The second it connected the computer died.

Plugged in were a Belkin USB Wireless internet flash drive, a USB Epson flatbed photo scanner, a USB external hard drive.

When the computer died I pressed the power button and it did the following:

1. The fans and motors started up as normal and I heard the normal one beep.

2. When it tried to install the drives and periphery I heard rapid high/low beeping (no discernable pattern other than on off) for about 5 seconds and then one long continuous drone that doesn't stop.

3. Computer doesn't load past the Compaq screen.

4. The keyboard doesn't initialize and the lights for the keyboard don't come on.

I read somewhere that a continuous beep could be a keyboard issue. I did spill liquid on it last year and have had some sticky key problems, but do I have more serious problems considering the computer died when plugging in the USB Printer? I hope I didn't short something out. Keyboard didn't cause the computer to quit.

Any thoughts? I have 2 big projects due Monday and I'm strapped for cash so don't want to take to a tech if it's something I can fix myself.

Thank you for your help!

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