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Two Different Windows XP upgrade install

By sabatogz ·
After spending allot of time looking into how to do an unattended install of windows xp I wrote the below batch files to complete this tasks.

z:\i386\winnt32 /s:\\backup\xpi386\i386 /unattend:c:\xpdeploy\xp.txt /udf:test,c:\xpdeploy\xp.udb/makelocalsource

This worked fine, But I noticed it did not setup the links to all my installed applications. The programs where still there, but the links were lost. When I tried to re-created the short-cuts some of the applications failed.

On another computer I just put in the windows XP cd and followed the directions to upgrade this computer. When the installation was complete all the applications where they and so where all the icons and all the applications worked just fine. Both computers where Win98se.

What did I do wrong?


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Two Different Windows XP upgrade install

by quintar51 In reply to Two Different Windows XP ...

I think what happened with the unattended upgrade is that it installed the system files into a new folder. It didn't upgrade the existing win98 installation. This either happened by XP deleting the original Windows system folder or installing intoa new folder.

when you upgraded using the CD, it detected that you want to upgrade the current win98 installation and therefore all your 'settings' such as programs, etc, were saved.

I've also had this problem happen to me when I try upgrading Win98 to XP using the unattend method. I think in both our cases we have to include a section in the answer file to upgrade the existing installation.

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Two Different Windows XP upgrade install

by sabatogz In reply to Two Different Windows XP ...

You're right. I looked into the deploy.chm and found the below section.

This section in Unattend.txt specifies the entries for an unattended upgrade from Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition to either Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional. These entries are not valid on any other upgrade path.

To perform this upgrade during an unattended Setup, include the Win9xUpgrade entry in the [Unattended] section of Unattend.txt.

Value: Yes | No

Thx for your help. Brian

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Two Different Windows XP upgrade install

by sabatogz In reply to Two Different Windows XP ...

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