Two DNS names--1 domain

By powlboyjr ·
Two domain...
Can anyone provide me with any advice or references?
We have our domain (domain.local, for example) and host our own web page and email. However, our external name for our website is As you can see, the domains do not match. Also, when trying to resolve this internally, we receive a DNS error. Is there an easy way to fix this? Here are some of the options I thought about, but I am having a hard time convincing some people to understand:
1. Is there a way to forward just the DNS request for to an external server?
2. Can this be resolved internally even though it is a different domain name?
3. Would it be feasible to create the domain from scratch and create a trust between the domains?

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by christianshiflet In reply to Two DNS names--1 domain

Do you have a forward lookup zone record for "www" on your internal DNS server? It should point to the local/internal IP of your web server. You can do the same thing for "mail" and point it to your email server. But the .local vs .com shouldn't cause a DNS error (...I have been told).

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by powlboyjr In reply to Re: DNS

Yes, both entries are in the forward DNS lookup (and reverse for that matter). When someone tries to access internally, they are given a Page Not Found error. Would this .local domain have anything to do on that part? To me it seems like the .com requests are not being sent to the external side and then back in. Is there anyway to specify in our current mydomain.local domain?

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by christianshiflet In reply to Re: DNS

What are the DNS servers DHCP is giving out? Do they match what the PC you are using has? Is there a local server as the 1st listed DNS server from the PCs? What happens if you try to ping your internal and external IP address and domain names? What about tracert for the same addresses and domain names (inside and out)?

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by oldbaritone In reply to Two DNS names--1 domain

To resolve it internally, a quick-and-dirty fix to handle the local resolution is to add the variants into the HOSTS file, usually
<tr><td>and so on</td></tr>
It's crude, but I use it all the time in-house to connect directly to the server instead of routing the requests out to the internet and right back in. If I want to test from the outside, I point my own computer's DNS at the internet DNS instead of the DNS server in our office.

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Helpful but...

by powlboyjr In reply to HOSTS

THanks for the reply. I do know about the hosts file, but that is not quite what I'm looking for in this solution. I wouldn't want to go around to every machine and make a manual entry to point to the web server. Again, thank you.

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well your DNS server should forward the non resolved query

by CG IT In reply to Two DNS names--1 domain

to root hint servers. Those root hint servers then query authoritative name servers for domain names. What ever authoritative name server for your FQDN should resolved the query to your public IP address.

So you should not have any problem with users viewing your public web page.

unless your authoritative name server for your FQDN does not resolved to your public IP address or your web server doesn't get the Internnet request for a web page.

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