Two Domains on different subnets Windows 2003, cannot map drives

By hschaffner ·
I have two domains, lets call one ccc, the other bbb, both on different subnets, trust has and been two way for 2 years. I can map a drive from 192.168.2 network to the 192.168.4 network, but I cannot map a drive back the other way. I think this is what creating my backups to fail, as it says cannot see the network. I have trust setup in AD for both domains two ways transitive. I have added entries in the domains. I can ping from the .4 network to the .2 but I cannot seem to speak to it. I have firewall in place and it has rules stating allow traffic between both of these subnets, but I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY I CANNOT get it to work properly, which should be both diretions. NO THERE NO VIRUS EITHER. Thanks for any help or advice. There are DNS entries on both for each subnet.

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Might be a router/gateway issue

by oldbaritone In reply to Two Domains on different ...

Make sure the router/gateway allows full bidirectional communication in both directions, on both subnets .2. and .4. It sounds to me as though one gateway is allowing only some of the traffic to pass in one direction or the other, and blocking part of it.

Many (most) gateways are configured as LAN/WAN, where inbound traffic from the WAN should be tightly controlled, and mostly blocked.

Make sure your gateways are configured as true peer-to-peer networks, not LAN/WAN.

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doesn't sound like a trust relationship problem

by CG IT In reply to Two Domains on different ...

sounds like a routing and/or addressing problem. remote hosts requesting access to resources need a local address to find the resources or require a router which knows how to route the traffic between subnets [similar to intervlan routing].

Since you can map one way, but not the other, sounds like the router knows only 1 route.

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