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Two domains one PC

By JezzaMahn ·
Is there a work around to this? I would like to join two domains on a same laptop?

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No way

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Two domains one PC

you can only join it to one domain.
If you are the Admin for the two domains, then you can make a trust between them, and you can log to any domain, from any computer not just that one.
Trusting domains is not a joke.

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two network cards? virtual machine?

by power zhu In reply to Two domains one PC

I'm not quick familiar with this, can two network cards works? what about virtual machine.

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No and Yes.

by cmiller5400 In reply to two network cards? virtua ...

Two network cards will not allow you to join to two domains. But a separate virtual machine running on that pc will allow you to join that VM to the second domain.

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VM Yes Ntwk Crd NO

by JezzaMahn In reply to two network cards? virtua ...

Virtual Machine would d'fntly wrk but as for two ntwk crd, I dn't think so. Unlss some1 out there knws a way around this I would really like to knw how. Dual OS will also do the trick.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Two domains one PC can access resources in multiple domains, but a workstation cannot be a member of two domains.
Now, if you have a dual-boot operating system workstation, you could setup Domain one on the first OS and then the second domain on the second OS on your workstation.

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