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    Two domains, one physical network


    by rmartin ·

    I have been tasked with installing an SBS 2003 Premium server and 30 XP PCs at a client of ours. There is also a second 2003 standard server which will run their Oracle database (Which is being installed by a separate company).

    Unfortunately the client has asked that the new SBS 2003 network and XP PCs run next to the old network that is there, which is a NT 4.0 domain with 30 Windows 95 PCs…oh joy!!! This is only until the Oracle database is moved on to the 2003 Standard Server.
    The internet connection is going to be on the SBS 2003.

    Any info on how best to do this would be great. My initial thoughts were:

    1. Configure the old network with Static IP addresses.
    2. Turn off DHCP on the old server
    3. Configure the new SBS 2003 with a different subnet.

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      by rmartin ·

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      by dawgit ·

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      Just a few little questions here…
      Are they retaining the the 30 Win95’s on the new network?
      I would configure the new server as a new network (host) not a new subnet. Is there some need to keep the old one? (and create a subnet?) Sounds like extra work to me.
      Why would you turn off the old server before you have the new one in place and in operation? That would lead to a disruption of service. And why would you want to re-configure the old server’s IP structure (addresses) (…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.) -d

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