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Two Domains Sharing 1 Novell DHCP Server

By timothy.sharpe ·
We are a state agency with 6 regional offices; we are running Windows 2000 AD with Windows 2000 all servers and workstation. We are using DNS. We have 6 sites setup with subnets defined. Servers have static IP addresses and all workstations and laptops get dynamic IP address from Win 2000 DHCP server. The problem is that one of our offices is moving and is now going to be sharing space with another state agency and we have been told we need to use their IP range. They are a Novell shop and they use static IP addresses on all equipment. They are not using DNS. I have a really bad feeling about this but I need some help in making my argument against this scenario. Are their any known pitfalls in what I just explained? I?m assuming that replication will stop since we are using DNS and they are using WINS.

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by Chris910 In reply to Two Domains Sharing 1 Nov ...

Will You be moving your server to the site as well?

We run a mixed enviroment with both static and dhcp addressing as well as both Novell and active directory. There are certainly things that will need to be resolved but these are not show stoppers. Relax , Take a deep breath, and go forward with your eyes open. Novell and Windows networks can coexist on the same wire.

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by pgm554 In reply to Two Domains Sharing 1 Nov ...

Novell DOES NOT use WINS,never did.

WINS as you may be aware, is a garbage, half a**ed method that M$ used to implement IP over netbios.

There are 2 ways that Novell talks to its clients IPX or IP using SLP if it is crossing a subnet.
Neither of these will interfere with your Windows AD network.

If anything ,once you see how stable, reliable and secure a Novell network truly is,you will wonder why you are using Windows.(can you say Nimda,Blaster,Sasser,or JS-Scoba.A ?)Not a worry on a Novell server.

AND you will get to see what a real directory service is ,Novell Edir is 3 to 5 years ahead of anything M$ has(including AD 2003).

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