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Two Drive image backup to USB drive

By epease ·
I have two internal hard drives. I want to make a complete image backup of each drive so in the event of a failure I can reload a new drive and have all software. Ghost has worked for me in the past for a single drive (including windows system) and performed great. My problem is I would like to have two images on an external USB 300GB drive of both internal drive C and D. I cannot find any software that will do this.
Anyone know what I can use to do this.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Two Drive image backup to ...

if u need to reset the Windows 2000 admninistrator password user the logon.scr method
type compmgmt.msc change the administrator password. it will let u change the password with NTauthority rights. this method works great on a DC where u can login in DSRM. are you able to go in safe mode ??

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by cmiller5400 In reply to

What the HEL! is this???????????? I did not post this!!!!!!!!!!????????????? Something in TechRepublic is MESSED UP!!!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Two Drive image backup to ...

You should be able to do this with a disk to image in ghost for each drive. Now the issue that you are probably having is the USB drive in DOS. There are some drivers out on the net that allow access to USB in dos mode. Look at the Ultimate Boot CD, i know its version of FreeDOS has the cabability. What version of ghost are you running? I personally use Acronis True Image to back up my machine. It has a bootable Linux cd that you can use to restore your machine and preform backups. It also supports "live" backups in Windows too

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by epease In reply to Two Drive image backup to ...

I am getting ghost version 10. It never talks about multiple images on the same drive. Example of need, had a Windows XP/SP2 Pro system with a 40GB system disk. Used ghost to make a image onto a new 80GB. removed the 40GB and installed the 80GB and started the system without a flaw and has run for 11 months without a problem. Even photoshop and all protected software works. We want to do this with another system but it has two physical drives. Want to make a bootable disk that will retrieve either internal Hard Drive image to a new drive if a failure occures from USB Drive. The backup drive is a Seagate 300GB USB drive. From one answer, if Ghost does this great. If not we will try Acronis True image. I was not sure if USE could be read with DOS. We tried this before and it did not work.
I am open to details on someone has done this and verified it worls

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by B_Pope In reply to Two Drive image backup to ...

I'm using Ghost 2003 on all my systems running 2000 Pro & have no problems ghosting to USB2.0 external drives or CD/DVD's. I only use a 98 bootdisk to get to the DOS prompt, once there I remove the bootdisk & toss in my floppy with the ghost.exe on it. I've never installed a version of Norton Ghost always put the ghost.exe on floppy & used it that way.

There are issues with ghosting to external HD's, & one solution people use is to make the external drive fat32 so ghost running in DOS mode can see it. There's also some work arounds mentioned here

Is your ASPI layer installed correctly on the PC in question?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Two Drive image backup to ...

The reason for this is that You need to Make the Different Images Ghost will not make 2 images at once but it will allow you to make another image of a different drive/Partition to the same drive after the first image is completed.

You should be in DOS with a very basic GUI and you need to tell the Program what it is that you want it to do. There are no problems saving several different images to the same HDD I used to do this all the time for some of my clients back in the days when I relied on Images I would Image every Drive in the building to a HDD and leave the Images there for the time that I needed them.

Now with the number of Hot Swap SCSI Drives that I use I'm generally only making Clones of the drives as it's faster and far more cost effective for the business concerned.


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