Two External Monitors on a Notebook

By leblanc333 ·
I currently own a 24" and a 19" flat screen external monitors.

I have a VGA splitter but only see the same thing on both screens.

I know they sell a combination of screens (2,3,4 etc), but is there a way to run multipule programs between the two externals without buying the special monitors?

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That's really more a function of your display adaptor

by robo_dev In reply to Two External Monitors on ...

which is built into your laptop computer and cannot be changed.

IF you had a desktop computer, then you could do what you want by using multiple video adapters.

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The VGA Splitter isn't actually a Splitter but a Cloner

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Two External Monitors on ...

As it sends the same signal to both Monitors. So anything that you run through this will have the same picture on the screens.

As all NB's only have the one Video output it's not possible to use Dual Screens unless the Docking Station that may not be an option for your NB supports this. The NB itself isn't able to provide video to more than 1 Monitor normally.


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What if ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The VGA Splitter isn't ac ...

The set up was for the desktop to be extended across all the screens, then you could have a separate active window in each screen being that each screen is a portion of the desktop.

After all, if you can have multiple taskbar entries, why not have them all open at the same time. You know this is possible - it's just that they're usually hidden behind the window at the front.

My 24 inch widescreen can run 2 TR windows side-by-side (actually - two instances of FF), together with a two-inch P2P window lying along the bottom of the screen.

If it runs from the desktop it can be viewed simultaneously.

The cloning only applies to the desktop surely? :)

But, equally, only desktop programs could be run.


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Normally I would agree with you OM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What if ...

But here the 2 Monitors are connected to the NB with a 1 in 2 Out Adapter. This just sends the same signal to both monitors and boosts it a bit to prevent Signal Degeneration.

I haven't seen any VGA Splitters for quite some time now which could use 1 Input and provide different displays on each connected Monitor. Even if one of there where present I'm not sure how well it would work with the new Hardware. They where not that Great when they where new and the Hardware was slower.

Really these things died when the Dual Head Video Cards came out and I haven't seen any new ones since. Even the ones that I have seen & used where Horrendously expensive and bulky generally bigger than the older NB's of the time.

Of course if this NB has the option of using a Docking Station that may solve the problem depending on the Docking Station if there actually is one.

Another possibility if the NB has a DVI Video Output would be to use that Adapter that Dell used to have which could split the output to different screens with the Main one being VGA and the second Monitor being DVI. Not sure how well or if it would work with 2 VGA monitors though.


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Even with a splitter.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Normally I would agree wi ...

The OS will only recognize the video adapter for the NB screen along with the adapter for one external monitor. So, the display properties in Windows will only show 2 screens no matter how many external monitors are connected because it can't "see" the splitter. The desktop can be extended to the "one" external monitor port and you could technically split windows between the laptop screen and the "one" external monitor port. But, both external monitors going through a splitter will still have the same identical picture on them.

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