Two firewalls and internet line

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I just recently been introduced to clients who currently have one firewall in place, sonicwall. They do have another internet line ?different ISP" not in use yet, it's been installed but not configured to serve the LAN yet, they want it purely for VPN connection. I've been asked on how to make use of both line in best possible way, either by utilizing the existing firewall or introducing another one and make it purely to serve the proposed VPN, etc. Any idea what's the possible way to do it knowing my knowledge with the sonicwall is very limited? Any suggestion or direction would be greatly appreciated.



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TZ 170?

by CG IT In reply to Two firewalls and interne ...

I don't like Sonicwall stuff because they nail ya for licensing every little thing. You have to buy VPN licenses. You have to by client access licenses on top of buying the damn router.

I'd dump Sonicwall and find a dual WAN business class router that comes with VPN client access licenses built in and only limits the # of concurrent connects, not the # of WAN connections that can connect.

Cisco has the 1800 Symantec has the 360 Netgear has this Dual WAN NV042 or NV082 but they put to many switched ports on the router. It ends up being a switch rather than a router .

you could try ISA 2004 or the new 2007. It can handle multiple network segments with ease and uses Active Directory as authentication for limiting VPN connections.

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