Two isolated LAN's with single DSL line

By Bob ·
I have a single DSL Modem/router with wireless capability that is connected to an unmanaged switch. I have a 10 computer peer-to-peer network for the office that uses shared files on the various workstations. I also have five workstations that need Internet access but have to be isolated from the office files since the office files contain private data.

I considered using a wireless access point but now believe this will not isolate the two LAN's. Will a managed switch give me what we need or is there another solution? We are a nonprofit organization with a very limited IT budget but I can get a CISCO 2960 switch donated if necessary.

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managed if VLAN is supported

by CG IT In reply to Two isolated LAN's with s ...

VLAN will isolate.

There are SMB routers that have VLAN capabilites on their 4 port built in switches

or you could just get another low cost consumer level router and put them on that. That will seperate them out but still allow internet access and at a much lower cost that the 2950

2 routers = 2 networks and both are firewalled.

it would be Internet > DSL router> <one LAN port off to a switch where workgroup connects> <one LAN port to the second routers WAN port> from the second routers LAN ports to a switch for the 10 you don't want on the workgroup.

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