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Two languages issues

By pat ·
I'm going on a call tomorrow where a lady says her computer displays in two different languages intermittently (she didn't say which ones). I won't have any hands on knowledge until tomorrow but was wondering if anyone had ever run into this before. I searched the threads and could find no discussion on the issue.

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all the time

by Pauldg In reply to Two languages issues

But over here it's 'normal'. I deal with computers that have to display both Hebrew and English. Let's hear what the problem actually is. Maybe her computer's learned to speak in tongues. In that case you'll need a priest. I don't think rabbis deal with that.

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Also had this issue....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Two languages issues

and sorry to say, it never got resolved to the companys' satisfaction.

We had a Chinese person seconded to us for a couple of years, and he insisted on using either a Mandarin or Simplified Chinese translator program.

Problem no. 1 was that he insisted on buying them whilst in China (yes, illegally, despite all instructions to the contrary)so there was no support, and problem no. 2 was that he persistently tried every available program over his three year secondment.

After having to rebuild his laptop every time he returned from China, the techs came to the conclusion that what was happening was that the program was automatically going into the last language used when you accessed another program, i.e. if you wrote a Word doc in Chinese, it automatically picked Chinese the next time you accessed Word.

Despite numerous rebuilds and instructions to the user, like I said, I'm afraid the issue was never resolved. Again, with the proper program, and proper support for that program, it may have been a lot easier.

Sorry this post is such a downer, but be aware of how much time can be wasted on dual language issues!


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I use two languages for my work

by jor55 In reply to Also had this issue....

I have the Japanese version of XP Pro. I can switch it to either English or Japanese. However, if I set it on English, the Japanese characters often do not display, just jibberish. So I have gotten used to using XP in Japanese; there's hardly any difference in the layout. I use Japanese MS Word 2000 and I can use fonts from any language in it, but I use only English and Japanese, usually in the same document. As long as I use the Japanese version of any Microsoft software, I can use both languages, but if the software is the English version, usually the Japanese fonts don't work. However, English software by other companies, such as Adobe and U-Lead work well in both languages. McAfee works well in either language, and I have many apps in English that work well on the Japanese XP.

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