two nic cards in vista 64-windows picks the one with no cable attached

By karena ·
My ASUS mobo has 2 nic cards. I could use it as a server, and may need to do that very soon. However, I just installed vista ultimat 64 and now when I boot the system pick the unplugged nic card to use for the Internet. The only cure so far is that I constantly switch them. One is gigabit and one is slower miniport. Anybvody have a clue about this?
Thanks in advance. Karena

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by balge In reply to two nic cards in vista 64 ...

- have you checked the settings of NIC's, I think I've seen that when the 2 NICs have different default gateways, doesn't always get the right one..
try them on the same address see if that helps

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OK when I find the darn things in Vista I will try that.

by karena In reply to gateway

I did download Spiceworks and it booted with the Internet active for the first time in days. However, we will see if that lasts. I am not even sure what Spiceworks does or how it works, but maybe it solved this problem. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

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by balge In reply to OK when I find the darn t ...

well good luck with that

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well so far Spiceworks works

by karena In reply to ok

It seems to have resolved the problem, and I did not do anything with it. hmmmmmm

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