TWO NIC cards, only want one to access internet

By jared.m.adams ·

I have two NIC's in a home threater PC. One is wireless which is what I use for internet. The other NIC is gigabit wired directly to a file/print/web/ftp/dns/dhcp server running server 2008 20ft away in a closet which is where i stream all movies from. i have not been able to stream movies reliably over wireless.

The problem is that when both NICs are enabled the computer is attempting to reach the internet through the wired NIC first before the wireless.

I know its doing this because when both NIC's are active any internet related connection is first delayed. When the wired connection is turned off there is no such delay.

For instance. When both NIC's are enabled and i try to navigate to a website a 10-15 second delay happens before a page is displayed. This happens with each link click. There is no such delay when the Wired NIC is disabled. The computer is using the wireless automatically.

both NIC's are on different subnets. default class C for wireless and default class B for wired nic

How can I get rid of this delay?

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let's see

by Dedlbug In reply to TWO NIC cards, only want ...

Just curious, why the different IP classes for the two different NIC's?

I keep thinking that if there is no default gateway on the NIC card, then Internet will not be used on that card thus switching to wireless. Maybe set a static IP on the NIC card and don't add a gateway. Leave the wireless as automatically assigned via your DHCP.

Keep us posted.

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change the metric for the wired to 99

by CG IT In reply to TWO NIC cards, only want ...

both will have the metric value of 1 by default. changing the value to 99 on the non internet one will always have traffic going to the lowest metric value.

you can also leave off the default gateway and DNS servers on the wired NIC.

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very cool

by Dedlbug In reply to change the metric for the ...

See...there are things I have learned before in school (like the metric value) that I completely forgot about after school (like the metric value). I just got re-learned.

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you sir..

by jared.m.adams In reply to change the metric for the ...

are a genius!

im a tech student and the server is just something i play around with when i dont have a computer lab at my disposal. i wanted to keep the settings as they are on the server simulating a real live working server.

thanks for your help!

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Change the matriv value

by sudhansu111 In reply to TWO NIC cards, only want ...

By default all NIC are configured to set for automatic metric value. As they use static routing, they use metric value 1. Set metric value of the wired NIC as more than 1. It works well now. Thanks.

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