two nics both need to access ie7

By dalenugen ·
two nic cards with two connections to ie, one to a server and one to the web. how do I do it.

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by robo_dev In reply to two nics both need to acc ...

You do not need two Nics to connect to a server and to the web.

Just get a router to establish the internet connection and plug both the server and the PC into the router.

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Plug the Internet Connection into

by OH Smeg In reply to two nics both need to acc ...

One NIC and the Internal LAN connection into the other NIC.

When this is plugged in run the Network Setup Wizard and tell the computer that it connects directly the the Internet and that other computers on the Network connect through it to the Internet. Enable File & Printer Sharing if it is required and finish off the Network Setup Wizard making either a Domain or Workgroup.

If the unit asks to be restarted restart and when this is finished you have the 2 HIC's configured for your desired use.


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