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    Two NICs windows server 2003


    by rsharpton ·

    I have windows server 2003 machine came with two nics. I have them configured with IPs on the same network one is other is the first has a gateway the second does not. both are configured with the same DNS server. I can ping both and it seems to be working, but I am getting 1054 errors in the event log… not sure if they are related but the question right now is what else is needed to configure this or is it all good already?

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      by rsharpton ·

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      The 1054 error implies you’re getting DNS errors

      by darryl~ ·

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      It’s like it can’t find your domain controller.

      I suspect you’re not getting out on the Internet without using an IP address.

      for instance, you’re probably not getting to but you can get to

      Does your domain controller see the new server? Has the new server been added to the network?

      Just a couple things to check.

      Also, have a look at these…

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        No other visibile dns problems

        by rsharpton ·

        In reply to The 1054 error implies you’re getting DNS errors

        Thank you for your reply. I have no other visible DNS problems. I can use nslookup and win explorer to navigate to other machines by name, I can also get to websites by name. This machine is a second domain controller and right now that is it’s only other role on the network. I did follow those links before posting, and still have the errors. The question is really more about what is required for two NICs with IPs on the same subnet to be properly configured… also when I try to disable the second nic it gives an error about it not being plug n play and the service would not stop.

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          2 NICs on same subnet on same device

          by cg it ·

          In reply to No other visibile dns problems

          causes problems with Windows of any flavor. Windows doesn’t know which one to use. you could specify a static route for one, but your best bet is to get rid of one. Also remember that 2 NICs equates to 2 paths and that traffic going out on one NIC can go back in the other creating a loop.

          side note: DNS listens for queries on the interface you specify. you need to specify a default gateway on at least one NIC which you have done because you can reach the internet. However the 2nd NIC als provides a path. Without specifing what path that is, the computer doesn’t know what to do with traffic that ends up on that interface.

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          2 NICS in a DC

          by smpcompdude ·

          In reply to 2 NICs on same subnet on same device

          I have one question. Why do you have two NIC’s on the the same subnet in a DC? What are you trying to accomplish?
          I have DC’s that have factory dual gig nics and they are on the same subnet but teamed to act as one. That solves lots of issues. I’m not sure on this one but look at the advanced settings in the network control panel and make sure the primary NIC is listed first. And if it’s a DC (Successful promotion and DNS setup) it should be pointing to itself for DNS queries.

          Unless you have a specific need, I would team the nics and assign the static IP address to the team. That would solve some pretty major issues. If you need multiple IP addresses on a single server for a specific purpose you can always assign more than one to a single nic.

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      Two NICs issues

      by dnsb ·

      In reply to Two NICs windows server 2003

      I’ve never had any decent results from trying to use two NICs on the same subnet with Windows. If the NICs are the same model or built into the motherboard, I’d look into teaming them so they will share a single IP address. The only issue I’ve found with teaming is that our ARP poisoning detection is unhappy with one IP and two MAC addresses.

      As usual, YMMV.

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      combine NICs

      by jcdshs ·

      In reply to Two NICs windows server 2003

      A few years ago I ran a Win 2000 server with 2 x 2 port NICs. The ports were all combined, or teamed as others have suggested to just the one IP address. It was done to give much better bandwidth into and out of that particular server.

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