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Two part authentication with a usb key?

By AirHockeyNinja ·
I have played with USB authentication devices which provide two part secure logon such as Authentex, and RSA SecurID, and I like what they offer. My question, is there a software package that allows you to accomplish this with ANY USB key? My problem is that I use a 2GB USB flash drive daily, and I really don't want to carry around another, but the aforementioned products do not provide USB keys of this capacity.
I need a program that will allow me to setup secure two part logon authenticationon Windows 2000/XP computers in a workgroup environment, using ANY usb key. Any suggestions?

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Two part authentication with a usb key?

by timwalsh In reply to Two part authentication w ...

Unfortunately, you are talking apples and oranges here. There are USB storage devices, and there are USB security tokens. They may have the same form factor, but they are not interchangeable.

There are USB storage devices that include encryption capabilities to secure the data on the USB device, but this doesn't sound like what you are looking for.

No one (that I could find) makes any software that would allow a USB storage device to also function as a USB security token (probably forgood reason).

USB security tokens cannot be reprogrammed by the normal user (if at all ). But what happens if you have a USB storage device also acting as a security token and you accidently erase the wrong file or folder??

Sorry, I think youare asking for something that doesn't exist.

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Two part authentication with a usb key?

by AirHockeyNinja In reply to Two part authentication w ...

That is about what my search turned up, but I was hoping that some enterprising lad had come up with a software package to do this. I can use my USB drive as a token for accessing a domain, but I haven't figured out how to do it on a workgroup yet. And if you are using a USB device for anything important, and you don't have a CD/DVD backup somewhere- shame on you anyway, you get what you deserve.
I think I could code a VB or Java app that would do this, but if there is something out there thatwill do it already, I'd rather not waste my time, not to mention the enormous headache. Thanks-


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by wlbowers In reply to Two part authentication w ...

Try contacting one of the vendors and see if what you want is possible. They might be willing to do a custom.


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